The July meeting, delayed one week due to the holiday, was called to order by RE Paul Morrison at 7:59 PM with 13 members present.

The Treasurer’s report was read and approved on a motion by Bill Kasmer, second by Bill Pintaric.

We have  200 members, including dual memberships was given.

The June minutes, as printed on TRACK, were approved on a motion by Michael Petrusko, second by Chris Turkali.

The Driver School finished $11001.50 in the red. The 1-1 training was valuable but lacked the “real race” experience since there were so few cars on the track at a time.
The National race should finish near $5500.00 in the black, bills are still pending.
Worker Incentive Committee is gathering data to present at the October meeting.

The October race will have Richard Dunlap as Chief of Tech. A Sound person is needed.
SCCA has issued a Run Off’s Challenge to all clubs. The best ratio of workers-to-members, (local regions are excluded) will win a trophy and get SCCA fees paid for a national race.
Richard Dunlap is attending and has issued an invitation to members to share the ride.  He can accommodte 2/3 and will be leaving October 5th/6th and returning on the 10th, ball him at 724-962-1538 in the evenings.
The 12-Hour race needs workers - see the Neohio website for details
5. The report from our National race will be in the next TRACK.
6. Paul Morrison attended the Glen and was very  impressed with the facilities.
7. Cliff McCandless will be driving in the Schenley Park Vintage Race near Pittsbugh – Best of Luck.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM.


We have approx. 200 members including duals.

Welcome new members

 Kera Yelkin
 Sedat Yelkin

Happy Birthday to the following:

Harold Baker II    8/27
Tora Bonnier    8/4
Filippo Caruso    8/3
Steve Dominish    8/23
Richard Dunlap    8/15
Jeff Kihm    8/19
Deirde Lutsch    8/29
Edward Mandel    8/9
Paul Mihalak    8/29
Tony Mikolich    8/19
David Pintaric    8/2
Jeremy Swank    8/3
Jim Tibor    8/26
Dick Wade    8/29
Sherry Ziegler    8/29

August Membership Renewals

Todd Allen
Matt Carson
Karen Counselman
Charles & Frances Grucella
Christina Libecco
Doug Marsh
The Mast Family
Tom & Beverly Nutter
Michael Saddleton
Chris Turkali
Shirley Wade

SCCA Run-Offs

A reminder -

Richard Dunlap is attending and has issued an invitation to members to share the ride.  He can accommodte 2/3 and will be leaving October 5th/6th and returning on the 10th, ball him at 724-962-1538 in the evenings.

The worker registration is elsewhere in TRACK.


Several drivers from MVR are in the points hunt.

As of the Watkins Glen national -

F 500  Jeremy Swank  3rd
GT 1  Amy Ruman  2st
  Csaba Bujdoso  7th
GTL  Bill Pintaric  1st
FP  David Strittmatter 1st
T 1  David Pintaric  2nd

Look for Amy, Csaba, Bill, David P and David S at the Neohio National the week-end of July 29th.


The MVR 2006 elections will be open for nomination at the September Membership.  Nominations and elections  take place at the October Membership Meeting.



July 27 & 28  Lime Rock
August 5 & 6  Pocono - Double
October 9 - 15  SCCA National Run-Offs


August 19 & 20  BeaveRun (Double)
August 18 & 19  Lime Rock
August 26 & 27  New Hampshire  (Enduro)
September 2 - 4 Summit Point (Double)
September 9 & 10 New Hampshire (Double)
September 16& 17 Watkins Glen (Double)
September 23 & 24 Watkins Glen
Sept 30 & Oct. 1 Summit Point
October 21 & 22 Nelson Ledges (Double)-MVR
October 21 & 22 NARRC Run Offs
October 28 & 29 Nelson Ledges - WNY


September 22 & 23 Watkins Glen
October 28 & 29  Summit Point


July 29 & 30  Nelson Ledges - NEO
August 12 & 13  Grattan
September 1 & 2 Nelson Ledges - NEO


July 29 & 30  Autobahn Joliet (Double)
August 26 & 27  Road America (Double)
August 26 & 27  GingerMan (Double) (T)
September  2 & 3 Grattan (Double)
September 9 & 10 Mid Ohio (Double)
September 23 & 24 Nelson Ledges (Double)- NEO
Sept 30 - Oct 1  IRP (Double)
October 7 & 8    Mid Ohio (Double)
October 28 & 29 Black Hawk Farms


Nov 18   Kryderacing Awards Banquet


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members.  Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run).  Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

* FOR SALE:  Parting Out:  1980 VW Rabbit, ITC Race Car

Air Filter Element (CIS) by K & N ($5)
Alternator (generic) ($5)
Alternator Bosch ($15)
Alternator Bosch 90 amp # 026903105C ($30)
Axle (CV) boot kit (NEW) #321-498-201A ($5)
Brake/Clutch pedal assembly ($10)
Cam 1.6 OEM stock #049 ($15)
Cam belt tensioner pulley ($10)
Cam, G - grind (clone) - not SCCA legal ($30)
Camber adjustment (front) eccentric bolts ($8/pair)
Coil -  “Blue” (points) ($5)
Coil - Bosch (NEW) for electronic ignition # 171-905-115 ($25)
Crankshaft 1.6 ($50)
Distributor, Bosch (points) #049-905-205E ($15)
Doors ($20 ea)
Electric radiator cooling fan shroud/assembly ($25)
Electronic Ignition Assembly – Aluminum mounting plate, ignition module and wiring harness ($15)
Electronic ignition modules - Motorola ($5)
Engine mount H.D., cam belt/passenger side ($5)
Exhaust manifold (cast) assembly, 13” Twin down pipe #067-253-033 ($40)
Exhaust system, SS flex pipe with hangers, 2" x 102" (2" x 8-1/2') ($10)
Front fenders ($10 ea)
Front grille ($15)
Front hubs ($10 ea)
Fuel filter CIS (NEW) # 431-133-511 ($5)
Gas Tank: Eliminate fuel pick up problems from rotted hoses in tank bottom. "Open Heart Surgery" eliminated this vexing problem ($75)
Half shafts with CV joints ($20EA)
Injector valve connectors - CIS (NEW) # 063-133-555 ($5/set of 4)
Instrument panel w/ speedo, tach, oil press, H2O temp,
volts + control switches ($40)
Intake Manifold, CIS with throttle body ($30)
Master Cylinder - Varga # 171-611-019-AX ($15)
Motor Mount, Front with poly donut ($10)
Oil Pan, 5 Qt chrome with windage tray and trap doors. Two stress cracks in windage tray (need welded) ($35)
Oil pump ($10)
Piston set 1.6, 1mm (.394) Oversized, dished head, 15 oz. piston, 3-3/4 oz. pin ($20)
Power brake booster ($8)
Radiator, fair appearance, lots of races, still works ($15)
Radiator, VGC ($30)
Rod Bolts and Nuts for 1.5 VW OEM (NEW) – p/n 056-105-425C (pressed fit) ($15)
Rod set – BALANCED with RaceWare® rod bolts for 1.6 or 1.5 (RaceWare® rod bolts over $100 alone) ($125)
Spark Plugs (4 ea) Champion N3C (NEW) ($2)
Starter, Bosch # 055-911-023B ($20)
Steel bumpers ($15ea)
Steering rack U-clamps p/n 171-410-875, the ones that break ($5ea)
Steering rack U-clamps (above) with poly bushings ($25)
Tape Weights, 4-1/2 Strips ($2)
Transmission 4-spd code GC ($25)
Transmission 5-spd code FO ($75)
Wheel Bolts (16ea) BORBET (NEW) 17MM head x 2” ($20)
Wheel Bolts (22 ea), 17MM head x 2” ($10)
Wheel Bolts (4 ea), 17MM head x 1-1/2” ($2)
Wheel Nuts (8 ea) for studs, 17mm Head ($5)
Wheels 4 steel OEM - 4 x 100 (red) 5-1/2J x 13H ($20 ea)
Wheels, 4 steel EOM - 4 x 100 (white) 5-1/2J x 13H with 4 - Proxes RA1 (205/60-13) good for practice or school ($100 lot)

Save on shipping – Buy additional items now from this listing. Buy multiple items…let’s make a deal ??? Offers accepted
Parts located in NE Ohio – Buyer pays shipping
Pictures available upon request  - Contact: W.E. Sovik, Jr.  (330) 965-9025

* FOR SALE: 1982 FORD Mustang, 4 cyl. ITB#24. Hardwired transponder included along with other spares. $3500 OBO.  Contact Jim Morgan Phone 724 588 2987 Email

* FOR SALE: 5.0 Ford engine, built to SCCA American Sedan specs for a 1987 Mustang. Complete with Edelbrock Performer intake, 600 cfm Holley carb, Milodon oil pan, and new clutch pack. Never raced!! Also, FORD Racing aluminum driveshaft still in the original box for 1986 & up Mustang. Other parts available. Call Jim after 5PM @ 724-588-2987, or email for details & prices.

*FOR SALE: GTech Pro RR, Never Used.  Still in box.  $240.00.  Call Reed Kryder 330-854-4889.

* FOR SALE:  Motec M48 Engine Management System.  Call 330-854-4889 for details.

* FOR SALE:  Six Penske 8100 Series shocks.  Very good condition.  Freshly rebuilt.  Call 330-854-4889 or visit for details.

* FOR RENT: ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools. Kryderacing - 330-854-4889.

* RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, race car transportation, etc.   Check out their Website

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