We here in MVR have been very remiss in not recognizing one of our own.

Christina Libecco is the 2005 National Solo Champion in F Modified Ladies.  Christina also was Champion in 2003 and finished 2nd in 2004.  She drives a KBS MK7.


The November 2005 SCCA MVR meeting was called to order by Cliff McCandless at 8:00. The 17 members present introduced themselves and gave a brief list of ‘racing duties.’ Bill Kasmer, as the senior trustee, presided over the meeting in the absence of the RE and Assistant RE. There was no membership or treasurer’s report due to the absence of the treasurer. The minutes were unanimously approved as printed in the TRACK on a motion by Cliff McCandless, second by Nina Caruso.

OLD Business – Mike Petrusko reported that he had searched the Internet for vintage racing organizations and was waiting for replies. Additional discussion concerned the vintage vs. historic racing classifications.

NEW Business –
Communication flow was the main topic under new business. The flow doesn’t appear to be flowing. It was suggested a vital reason to attend the monthly meeting is to get information that is sent from National and Regional. Our members need to get the information in a timely manner. N. Caruso made a motion, seconded by T. Nutter to encourage the officers and trustees to have regular meetings and develop better communication.
b)  Some discussion was held as to the “duties” of the
      officers and trustees.
There are several new faces presently involved with a distinct lack knowledge of just WHAT their duties entail. The Constitution lists the duties, but is it being distributed to new members?
Some discussion involved the Observer’s Report for the October races. Is the RE addressing the ‘not so well’ items? Should a brief summary be in print form?
Mike Petrusko asked about the notice that FastTrack would no longer be printed? No one could verify, but it was brought up that it might have been on the block to be voted on - NOT an already done deal.
Scott Lane introduced the schedule for next year, including the Run-Offs moving to October. The members present were unsure if MVR would be represented at the NEDIV meeting scheduled for 11/12/05 in order to make our requests for races in person.
Carl Holbrook passed a card around for Jack O’Driscoll, currently in hospice care.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 on a motion by Cliff McCandless and seconded by Bev Nutter.


Jack O'Driscoll lost his battle with cancer on Nov. 10.  Jack was an MVR Trustee and working on his Sound Control License.

As of the Nov. 17 print out from National, we have 207 members.  We have approx. 5 or 6 dual members in addition to this.

Birthday Wishes to:

Troy Barnhouse   12/24
Andrew Bujdoso  12/17
Jodi Cesene   12/13
Mark Fickenscher  12/31
Craig Frisken   12/3
Joseph Goncz    12/31
Greg Grucella   12/30
Hugh Kells   12/29
Jacob Lane   12/31
Judson Martt   12/16
Brad Morris   12/9
Amy Ruman   12/31
Ruth Soltis   12/2
Mack Stambaugh  12/31
Kimberly Vernis   12/25

December renewal reminders to:

Jeff Blumenthal
Gary Cheney
Richard Dunlap
Mike Edmunds
Greg Grucella
Toni & Jim Morgan
Jason Roth
Bob & Barb Ruman
Amy Ruman
Bryan Salchak
Dick & Mary Starts

NeDiv Mini Con - Sandi Kryder

MVR was well represented at the 2005 NeDiv Mini Con held in Allentown PA.  The Philadelphia Region put on an excellent event.

Paul Morrison, Reed & Sandi Kryder, Lauri Burkons, Scott Lane and Matias Bonnier were in attendance.

The scheduling meeting we very smoothly.  Donna McDonough does such a job with the schedule that there is none of the squabbling that used to go on.

MVR dates for 2006 are:

April 22 & 23  Driver School
May 27 & 28  National
Oct. 21 & 22  Double Regional

The double national Pocono passed unanimously.  The  Dual National at Nelson Ledges passed unanimously.  This would have been a NeDiv/CenDiv event on Labor Day.  However, CenDiv once again shot it down.

Sandi attended the Registration and T & S meetings.  Nothing much new to report on either front.  Annual Minor passes for 2006 will be a different color.  We can throw away any left over yellow passes.
On-line registration will be tweaked a bit to make it more user friendly for the registrars.  The fee for on-line registration in 2006 will be $100.00 per each event that a region uses it.  Credit Card use was also discussed.

Paul attended the tech meeting and other various meetings (hopefully he will give this editor a report for the next issue).

Reed, Sandi & Scott attended the Driver Seminars which included a session with Joe & Tom Aquilante, David Donahue gave a talk and Dave Scaler did a data acquisition presentation.  All the talks were excellent.

Donna McDonough from Steel Cities won the NeDiv Worker of the Year Award.


Mary Anne Lyons will begin accepting the National Reserved numbers on Dec. 1.

You can contact her via e-mail at:

FasTrack ON-LINE

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FasTrack will continue to be produced as the form of Official SCCA Member Notification and made available on-line in a printable PDF format via the SCCA Garage section of

Beginning in February, FasTrack will be posted to this section of the SCCA web site no later than the 20th of each month. Unless otherwise noted, all changes outlined in FasTrack will take effect 10 days later on the first day of the following month.


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Two-time Waterford Hills class champion (2001 & 2002) 2004 SCCA CenDiv class champion.  Wins at Grattan, Mid Ohio, Road Atlanta, and Waterford Hills.

SDJ Motorsports engine
REMSPORT cold air intake
Racing Beat header (with coating)
Custom exhaust (long collector, under axle)
Accel coils and plug wires (new in 2005)
4.88:1 limited slip differential
Griffin aluminum radiator
Fully-adjustable suspension
Camber plates
Tokico Illumina struts/shocks
Front spring perches
Rear spring spacers
REMSPORT panhard bar
Ground Control adjustable front anti-roll bar
G-Force turn-in adapters
Strut tower brace
13”x 7” Panasports
Four Hoosier Dirt Stockers mounted on stock aluminum
13”x7” steel Diamonds
Polyurethane and Delrin bushings
Rebuilt brake calipers (2005)
Hawk brake pads (front-Blue, rear-Black)
Front brake cooling ducts
AutoMeter oil temp., water temp., oil
pressure gages
Nordskog air/fuel gage
Cockpit-mounted brake bias valve
Aluminum racing seat
Six-point G-Force harness (2004)
$5000 o.b.o. –
Contact Rich Miller
SCCA Detroit Region #270321

"Powermatic" 6x12 Horizontal Surface Grinder $100.00
"Standard" 30 ton floor model Hydraulic Press $100.00
"Generac" 2250 watt/110volt generator $50.00
"Luxaire" oil furnace (154,000 btu/hr input), 250 Gal Oil Tank, controls & filter $200.00
"Eljer" 60" x 60" corner style Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub -new- $150.00

Call Bill Kasmer at  330-547-2576 for above items

*** FOR RENT:  ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools.  Call Kryderacing at 330-854-4889.

*** RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, race car transportation, etc.   Check out their Website

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