RE REPORT - by Paul Morrison

We have all seen the commercials where the person gets a discount off their car insurance, and at our church we even had someone get up during joys and concerns and said that they saved 15% on their insurance. Now
it is your chance to save on your racing at the Mahoning Valley events this year. The motion has passed that all drivers that participate in the drivers school will receive a 10% off coupon for entry to any other MVR event. Participation can be either enrolled in the school or
working at the school as an instructor or in a specialty such as steward, flagging, tech, grid, registration, etc. Contact Bill Pintaric if you are signing up as an instructor. If you are willing to do the same thing at the MVR National race you will get another coupon for 10% off. You can combine the coupons for a 20% discount if you want. Participation in the August race will get you
a 30% discount coupon and if you want to you can combine all three for a 50% discount to the October race. The reason to do this is to get more cars out to our events by giving an incentive to those who support our races. We have been very fortunate with drivers willing to give cash giveaways for the workers and we hope that continues but we feel the workers don't come out to get a prize, they come to enjoy the races and the people involved in the sport.

The reason for the largest discount at the August race is that this has been the lowest car count race and we felt it was the one that can use the most incentive.

This is discount is for all SCCA drivers, not just MVR members so let all the racers you know in on the action.

MVR is the sponsor of the North East Division Round Table and it will be held at The Avalon Inn March 12,13 and 14th. Help will be needed to handle Round Table registration, Divisional sessions and meetings,
National sessions, and SCCA University training. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what the SCCA is all about and how to advance the sport. Please contact myself or Brad Morris if you are willing to help.

I will be attending the National Convention and will have a report in our next newsletter.

Thank you all for supporting our club.

Membership Report - Sandi Kryder

As of the 1/5/04 print out from National we have 205 members.

We would like to welcome a new member:

Wayne Meier

Correction to 2004 Membership Directory:

Bill Kasmers e-mail address is -

A reminder to the following members - your renewals are due in February:

Steven Bell
Mark Buckles
Ray Graham
Reed & Sandi Kryder
Vergene McCandless
Matt Miller
The Scott Nutter Family
The Jim Stouffer Family
Ron Urchek

National office has not received renewals for the following members:

Chris Bosworth
Filippo Caruso
Josephy Caruso
David & Elizabeth Prather
Steve Randall

2004 National Reserved Numbers


If you have problems contact Marianne Lyons at

A Message from Fire & Rescue - Walt Matenkowsy

As Chief of the Steel Cities "Coarse Crew", it is up to me to determine responsibility for Emergency Services assignments for the SCCA Racing program at Nelson Ledges and BeaveRun. We have two Nationally licensed Chiefs, myself and Pie Schoeneman, and two Divisionally licensed Chiefs, Larry Steckel and Aaron ("AJ") Anselm. That is a total of four Chiefs for 16
events. Each Chief also must have help, and the strain caused by a lack of personnel is beginning to show. Last year two events were staffed by the Chief alone, accompanied by track or paid Fire & EMS. I am not comfortable with that level of support. None of your Regions provided a single worker to assist our SCR chiefs.

I will soon be determining Chiefs for each of the events listed below. If you need our services, I suggest you recruit some assistance. If you cannot find us some help, we may not be able to staff your events.

April 3-4 SCR/FL/Glen/WNY Driver School at BeaveRun
April 17-18 MVR Driver School at Nelson Ledges
May 8-9 NeOH Driver School at Nelson Ledges
May 15-16 MVR National at Nelson Ledges
May 22-23 SCR Double Regional at Nelson Ledges
June 12-13 NeOH Double Regional at Nelson Ledges
June 19-20 SCR National at BeaveRun
July 10-11 PVGP Big-bore races at BeaveRun (non-SCCA)
July 16-18 PVGP at Schenley Park
July 24-25 NeOH 12 Hours of Nelson Ledges enduro
August 7-8 Finger Lakes Regional at Nelson Ledges
August 14-15 SCR Double Regional at BeaveRun
August 21-22 Classic Formula Car Racing at BeaveRun (Non-SCCA)
August 28-29 MVR Regional at Nelson Ledges
October 16-17 MVR Regional at Nelson Ledges
October 30-31 WNY Regional at Nelson Ledges

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Walt Matenkosky
412-352-8956 cell
724-537-8922 home (evenings)

2004 SCCA Club Racing Minor Waiver Registration Guidelines SUMMARY

A. 2004 Changes

1. No more "permanent" minor waivers effective 5/1/04. The "pink" minor photo ID cards will no longer be valid after that date.

2. An "annual" minor waiver form will need to be completed each calendar year for each minor. A new optional "yellow" minor photo ID card is available from Risk Management and may be issued by the region. Fees for this may be set by each region.

3. A new minor waiver form (MSM-2A) which can be witnessed OR notarized is available and will replace the MS-2A form. Existing MS-2 forms may still be used. This will be a 2-part rather than a 3-part form. This form also has a box checkoff for sole custody/guardian situations. The MS-2A form will also be available on the SCCA web site if an original MS-2A form is not available.

4. It is no longer necessary to have an adult accompanying the minor(s) at the track sign the adult waiver form (MS-1) "for" or "on behalf of" the minor(s).

5. NOTE: There are NO changes to the "hot" ("W" credential) licensing program administered through the National Office for minor drivers and workers.

B. Annual Minor Waiver Requirements

1. Must be signed by BOTH parents or legal guardians

2. The parents/'guardians' signatures must be witnessed by a SCCA Registrar or the waiver form must be notarized.

3. If there is only one parent/guardian (or a parent has sole custody), the appropriate box so attesting must be initialed by the parent/guardian on the MS-2Z form or, if using the MS-2 form, a Certificate of Sole Custody/Guardianship (available from Risk Management, must be completed.

4. The "event location" and "event dates" blanks at the top of the waiver should be filled out "ALL SCCA EVENTS" and "ALL DATES" respectively.

5. The ANNUAL waiver is optional and is NOT required. You may also use a per event waiver as specified in "C." below.

6. Completed forms are to be retained initially by the region, but may then be sent tot he National Office for filing IF desired, BUT ONLY on an annual basis. Do not send them to the National Office multiple times through the year as the forms are completed. A list of names of the forms being sent must be included. If not sent to the National Office, forms are to be retained by the region until the minor reaches 18 plus another 2 years.

C. Per Event Minor Waivers

1. Must be signed by at least ONE parent/legal guardian. Friends, relatives, brothers/sisters etc. may NOT sign the waiver on behalf of the minor.

2. Signature must be witnessed by a SCCA Registrar or Steward either at or away from the event site OR it may be notarized on forms MS-2A.

3. Per event minor waivers are NOT to be sent to the National Office.

Get Ready for the 2004 Neohio Comp Clinic!

The 2004 Neohio Competition Clinic is on Saturday, March 20, 2004, at the IX-Center in Cleveland, OH. Mark your calendar for the new and improved day of competition information and activity.

There's a new format and new topics. You can follow one track throughout the day or attend sessions in other tracks. The three tracks are Beginner Road Racing, Advanced Road Racing, and Solo.

In addition, you can watch several Neohio members build a Spec Miata right before your eyes! Work will begin on the build as participants register for the Comp Clinic and finish by the end of the day. The vehicle will be raffled for charity at the Neohio 12 Hour at the Ledges event, July 23-25, 2004.

For more information, go to You can also contact Sherrie Weitzenhoff by e-mail at and by phone (330) 666-2627 (no later 9 PM eastern time) or Connie Peplowski by e-mail at and by phone (440) 442-4521.


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members. Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run). Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

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