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To: Competitors, Stewards, and Scrutineers

From: Jeremy Thoennes

Re: Immediate Rule Changes TB 06-02b

Date: January 25, 2006

Spec Miata
Effective immediately, correct section 17.1.9.C.4.a.4. by changing the front
anti-roll bar size to 27mm non-adjustable for the K-SPEC-M5-SUSP9 kit (99-05 cars).

Spec Racer Ford
The Board of Directors approved the following rule change by email on January 21, 2006:
Effective immediately, add a new paragraph to section 17.1.5.C.5.k. to read as follows:

Optional Bodywork Modification:

A 22.5” diameter wheel arch may be cut in each side of the tail section.

Viewing the tail section from the side, draw a vertical line at the drive axle centerline. Locate the top of the wheel arch at a point measured from the bottom edge of the tail section 9.25” vertically along the centerline. The
22.5” diameter circle intersects the bottom edge of the tail section 11.1” either side of the centerline. The tail section may be reinforced in the forward and aft portions of the wheel arch. Dimension tolerance is +/- 0.75”.

NOTE: The minimum weight of the tail will not change.
A template of the cut-out can be downloaded from SCCA Enterprises


Jeremy Thoennes
Technical Services Manager
Jeremy Thoennes
Technical Services Manager


Minutes of the January 2006 Membership Meeting

Chris Turkali called the January 2006 meeting of Mahoning Valley Region SCCA to order at 8:01 PM with 15 members present. The treasurer reported that we have money. We have 203 members. The December minutes were approved on a motion by Sandi Kryder, second by Carl Holbrook.

Old Business – The October Observer Report was received and all seemed okay.

New Business – The dues have been raised by National. MVR will remain steady. We may need to investigate an increase due to sanction fees, insurance and a $ 1,000.00 track rental increase. Under a preliminary budget, MVR should be able to keep entrance fees the same. The race in August can under question regarding profitability. The race has been dropped. Sandi Kryder has mailed a 50% track rental deposit. The October race may have some difficulty, due to back-to-back races. Richard Dunlap discussed the desire to create a sup-classification in Formula Continental. He explained in some detail the “internship” program that he presented to National. He will provide complete details prior to our February meeting. The Banquet will be discussed at a future Board Meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:48 PM on a motion by Bill Pintaric and Bill Kasmer.

Submitted by Pam Petrusko

Membership Report - Sandi Kryder

Get Well Wishes to Toni Morgan.  Toni is at the Cleveland clinic undergoing Chemo & Radiation treatments.

Condolences to Jay Barker.  Jay's wife passed away Jan. 7.

We have 201 members including Dual Memberships.

Welcome to new member - Kenneth Piper of Petersburg OH.

A reminder to the following - your renewals are due in February.

Mark Buckles
Cynthia Gabri
Ray Graham
George Kafantaris
Reed & Sandi Kryder
Matt Miller
The Scott Nutter Family
Randall Park
Ron Urchek
David Widomski

Birthday Wishes go out to::

Greg Alley   2/18
Sherry Baker   2/28
Mike Besselman  2/26
Pat Besselman   2/15
Daniel Fritz   2/14
Constantin Gheorghe  2/14
Dave Klein   2/18
Matt Miller   2/16
Bill Pintaric   2/4
Bob Ruman   2/27
Dick Starts   2/24
Richard Venturella  2/8
Katie Walton   2/27
Brent Walton   2/28

MVR Awards Dinner

The 2006 Awards Dinner honoring the 2005 Awards recipients will be held on Tuesday, March 7, 2006.  This is our regular membership meeting night, however, we will the meeting will be very brief.

We would like the members at the February membership meeting to nominate their choice for drivers of the year both Regional & National, Worker of the Year, Member of the Year.

The board will be meet and select the recipient prior to the March dinner.

MVR Driver School

Bill Kasmer will be our Chief Instructor.   The sanction will sent by end of February (if not sooner) and entry forms mailed mid-March.

I am begging all of you now - please come out and work.
You do not need a license to work only an SCCA membership.  If you know of someone who might be interested in getting involved with SCCA, we have Temporary Memberships available for $15.00.  We always need help in Tech, T&S, Pit & Grid, Sound, Registration and on F&C.  The school is a great time to
learn a new specialty.
MVR provides lunches both Saturday & Sunday and dinner on Saturday.

Nelson Ledges Safety Day

Mark April 29 on your calendar.  This is the day set aside for Safety training at Nelson Ledges.  More details to follow in the next issue of TRACK.

Other events coming up:

March 11 - 12 NeDiv Round Table in Reading, PA.  Info elsewhere in TRACK.
The Formula One seasons opens on March 12 at Bahrain.
The 12 Hours of Sebring runs March 18th.

NeDiv Round Table - Program Description

Program Descriptions: as of Jan 16th 2006

Off Site (transportation available or car-pool to the sites)

Hillclimb 101-  If you’ve never seen a hillclimb course before, here’s your chance.  Several long-time organizers and officials will give you the nickel tour, and provide many interesting stories and bits of history along the way.  Bring your questions and a pair of comfortable shoes, as you’ll get the opportunity to get personal with the hill if you’d like, and if weather permits.

Tire Tech and Tire Shaving-  Journey to our local tire experts, CJ Tire and Auto in Birdsboro, PA to get a firsthand look at tire shaving.  Consult with tire experts to answer questions, and look inside the workings of a one of the Northeast’s newest race tire suppliers!


How to Prepare for Driver’s School-  Ever wonder what it takes to successfully complete a Club Racing Driver’s School with a minimum of stress?  Hear from instructors, officials, and a few drivers who’ve recently been there to learn how to make the most of your experience.

How to Drive Watkins Glen-  When Ed Zebrowski isn’t busy being Glen Region RE or a Race Official, he’s out driving really fast.  Let him take you on a lap (or two or
three) of Watkins Glen International and maybe you’ll
find that little something to make you faster.  Whether

you’ve never driven the Glen or you’re an old pro, this is one to see!

Tech Inspection and Scrutineering-  All available Club

NeDiv Round Table - Program Description - (cont.)

Racing Scrutineers, Stewards, Sound Control, Drivers, and any others are invited to come discuss any issues related to tech and tech topics.  The discussion will be driven by the attendees, who have an open forum to ask the questions that are on their mind.

Club Racing Town Hall-  Calling all drivers, CRB members, Area Directors, and more!  Come talk about Club Racing and ask all sorts of questions that have been on your mind.  Now is your chance to step up and make your voice heard.

Time Trials Site Inspection-  Can you hold a Level 1 or Level 2 Time Trials event at that site you’ve been eyeing up?  Come find out what items are needed and how to prepare the proper information so that National can approve that site!

Safety Equipment Tech- Dave Sekella of Susquehanna Motorsports (of Rally fame) talks about safety equipment items and answers your questions.

Giants Despair Preview- Representatives from NEPA region give a sneak preview of the 2006 Giants Despair Hillclimb and 100th Anniversary Celebration.  Learn about all the different things that are going to make this year’s event one for the record books!

Time Trials Town Hall- Matt Rowe, NEDiv Time Trials Program Manager will moderate a question and answer session for all drivers, officials, and anyone else who wants to join in.

Registrar Work Session- DA of Registration Terry Roberts will meet with all Registrars to provide updates and training for the 2006 season.

Timing and Scoring Work Session- Nancy Huber, DA for T&S, shows all Timing and Scoring workers what’s new for 2006.

Sound Control- All sound control workers are asked to attend to hear from Peter Perrault, DA for Sound Control about various topics, and to engage in discussions about the specialty.

Critical Incident Training- Level 2-  The National Administrator for Emergency Services, Steve Hyatt, continues his presentations on Critical Incident Training.  Contact Steve for more information about this great program.

More sessions will be added in the near future- so watch for more updates on-

BMR Forums-
The NESCCA Website- or


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members.  Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run).  Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

* FOR SALE:   Six Penske 8100 Series shocks.  Very good condition.  Freshly rebuilt.  Call 330-854-4889 or visit for details.

* Research Racing - Machine Shop Open.  Fabrication metal parts, all materials, Stocking Aluminum, Sheets, Tubing, Flat plate, Steel tubing,.  Composites panels .190 and .250, Aluminum faced, .015 aluminum both sides, Fiberglass repairs and parts.  Richard Dunlap, 314-962-1538.

** FOR RENT:  ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools.  Call Kryderacing at 330-854-4889.

** RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, race car transportation, etc.   Check out their Website

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