Minutes of the November  2007 Membership Meeting

RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting at 8 pm.

Carl Holbrook motioned & Nina Caruso seconded that to approve minutes as printed in TRACK.  Passed.

Old Business:

Golden Harvest - sound person problems, pace car driver had problems, issues wityh grid etc., discussion, trophies not at event, we ned possible different ideas for future.

New Business: none

Other discussions:

Cliff McCandless spoke on his Run Offs experience as starter, saw issues with Pace Car driver, otherwise few incidents.

Scott Lane spoke on his Run Off experience, flat tire in practice, rear end broke, started 29th on grid.

Bill Pintaric talked about storms & lightning at Run Offs

Run Offs enteries down 10% from 2005 and 8.5% from 2006.  628 cars.

Disscussion on tentative schedule for the 2008 Nelson Ledges season.

Scott Lane discussed his VIR endurance race experience, started 24th of 76 cars.  Broke 4 half shafts that weekend, did not finish the race.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Greg Alley, Secretary.


Minutes of the December 2007 Membership Meeting

RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting at 8 pm.

Old Busness:

MVR double trophies distributed, good weather that weekend.

2008 season for regional racing will be late.  People will have to travel far to race early.

New Business:

Mini Con schedules different from past.  We will have a dual National, (first of its kind), the MARRS race will be back.  Race chairman, different person to run one of our regional year, gives Sandi a break.

Moving January membership meeting from Jan. 1 to Jan 8.

Other discussion:

GT3 & GP will not be included in the 2008 Run Offs.  T1 is in trouble, Mazda has issue with SCCA.

Reed & Sandi Kryder gave an excellent talk on the HANS device and answered a lot of questions.

Motion to adjourn by Pam Petrusko seconded by Carl Holbrook.  Passed.

Respectfully submitted by Greg Alley, Secretary

Membership Report  by Sandi Kryder

As usual, we have approx. 200 members including duals.

A reminder to the following members who dues are renewable in February.

Steve Dominish
Cynthia Gabri
Alan Johnston
Reed & Sandi Kryder
Matt Miller
The Scott Nutter Family
Jared Vogt

Happy Birthday to:

Greg Alley      2/18
David Badger     2/18
Sherry Baker    2/28
Constantin Gheorghe   2/14
Dave Klein      2/18
Matt Miller    2/16
Bill Pintaric    2/4
Bob Ruman    2/27
Rhonda Schjenkens   2/5
Brent Walton    2/28



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