Minutes of the December Membership Meeting
RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting @ 8 pm and welcomed the sixteen members present.

November minutes were approved with a motion from Sandi Kryder and a second from Paul Morrion.

Treasurer's and membership reports were approved
as presented.

Old Business: Information from Ks as to whether X bars will be legal . We will get a clarification soon. Minimum weight to be displayed on all cars. More discussion followed on recent Mini-Con.
Plans are going forward for Double Driver's School in April and National in May. The National will be a spectator event. Mike Petrusko is waiting for a new quote on sound equipment.

New Business: Racing season is just around the corner ---- make sure your helmets and belts are current. National convention will be held in San Antonio Tx the first part of February. Greg Grucella made motion to pay registration [max of 10 people] and seconded by
SandiKryder. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn by Sandi Kryder and seconded
by Greg Grucella. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted - Tom Nutter Secretary

Membership Report

We have about 200 members including dual members.

Happy Birthday Wishes to:

Ray Barnhart      1/26
Ralph Denny        1/13
Larry Donnavmmo   1/27
Scott Lane     1/21
Mike Petrusko    1/2
Amy Ruman             1/30
Chris Turkali     1/24

Please let me know if I have the correct date.  SCCA National office sometimes has the dates entered incorrectly in the computer.

January Renewals

Charles Baumgartner
The Bujdoso Family
Ralph Denny
The Doinoff Family
John & Sandie Hoffman
Kirk Hopkins
Sonja Jewell
Vic Marsh
Bob oMazza
Cliff McCandless
Jerry & Dinah Rhodeback
Jim Royal
The Schauer Family
Tim & Cindy Wing

2007 Event Fees

SCCA has announced an increase in fees for Club Racing and Solo events effective for 2007.  RallyCross and RoadRally events will not have any fee changes for the coming year.  The SCCA Board of Directors approved the increases at their December meeting.

For Club Racing, the Excess Sanction Fee has increased by $5.00 per car, and the Runoffs Entry Fee has increased by $50.00 per car.

Solo Sanctions will be $3.75 per entrant for the 2007 season and there will be no discount to those regions supplying information about non-members.  This represents the first increase in Solo sanction fees since 2005.

Formula SCCA Goes National

TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 12, 2006) – Sports Car Club of America’s Board of Directors voted Saturday to grant Formula SCCA national class status for the 2007 Club Racing season.

Built by SCCA Enterprises, the Formula SCCA car previously competed in the Formula Atlantic class, where it was uncompetitive. In spite of its lack of competitiveness in Formula Atlantic, 113 cars have been sold since its introduction in 2003.

“We’ve been monitoring the progress of this class and feel that this was the right time to grant it National status, as we have done so with a number of other classes for the 2007 season,” SCCA Chairman Bob Introne said. “There were more than 400 race entries for these cars in 2006, which means it will come in at a strong level in 2007.”

The Board emphasized that, with two new formula car classes approved for 2007, there is a need for consolidation of classes within that category for 2008.

Formula SCCA is the fifth new class created for National competition for 2007, the others being B Prepared, D Prepared, Super Touring and Formula 1000. All five classes will compete in 2007 Club Racing National events with the exception of the National Championship Runoffs. Their Runoffs eligibility for 2008 will be based on 2007 participation numbers.

2007 SCCA Insurance Fees

At its December 8th meeting, the SCCA Board of Directors reviewed the recommendations of the Risk Management Department for 2007 event insurance rates. The following changes were approved for 2007 events effective January 1, 2007:

• Club Racing: All event liability rates increased $100 per event and participant accident rates increased $1 per car.
• Solo: Per car rate increased $.50.
• Hillclimb: Per car rate structure adopted.
• Rally: Event premium cap eliminated.

These increases reflect the minimal premium increases received from SCCA’s insurance carrier despite the maturation of the serious general liability claims incurred by the now-discontinued performance rally program.
The discontinuation of that program again moderated the size of the premium increases. The Solo and Club increases reflect current claim loss activity.

The overall motorsports’ insurance market has improved but continues to be somewhat difficult in general as carriers are looking more intensively at all aspects of the risks that they are insuring. It is important that SCCA
maximize its risk management and loss control efforts to try to improve its current loss history so that future premium increases can be minimized and, hopefully, eliminated.

SCCA’s participant accident and liability coverages will again not change and remain at the top of motorsports’ association insurance programs.  My and the Board’s primary objective remains the same…to provide SCCA
members with a stable and top quality insurance program.


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members.  Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run).  Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

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** RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, race car transportation, etc.   Check out their Website

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*** FOR SALE:  F-PROD Fiat X/19 96% complete, needs wired, plumbed, and safety gear. 4 engines, 3 trannys and lots of parts. Oh yea, and 1 complete running street legal x/19 in pretty good shape. solid investment, worthy project, needs completed.  Contact Eric Avendutti  H 440-238-3330, W 330-725-3999

*** FOR SALE: GTech Pro RR, Never Used.  Still in box.  $240.00.  Call Reed Kryder 330-854-4889.

*** FOR RENT: ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools. Kryderacing - 330-854-4889.

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