RE MARKS - Bill Pintaric

By the time you will read this, the year 2007 shall be all but over. The older I get, the quicker time flies by. Such are the ways of life

From  my family to yours, a wish for a Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous 2008. Let all of your hopes and dreams come true, especially if they include racing.

A big “thanks” to all of you that came out in 2007 to participate in our events, whether driving or working. Without your help none of these events would have happened.

Mahoning Valley has great plans for 2008- the first “Dual National” in SCCA history (as far as I know) on the Memorial Day weekend at Nelson Ledges. This event will run with our comrades at NeOhio Region and it will be a Northeast and Great Lakes Division weekend, with each region having its own race during the course of the weekend. Details are being worked out at this time, but the one thing that is certain-WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP to make this a great event. This being the first of its kind, the powers will be watching us. Mahoning Valley, I am sure, will live up to its reputation of being a region of innovation again. Please come to a membership meeting and learn about this exciting event!
Again this summer Mahoning Valley will be sponsoring another MARRS event at Nelson Ledges. Last year’s  double regional event drew over 200 cars and this is sure to be a great weekend for racing. Come on out and see the action in July.

Again we will be holding our traditional “Golden Harvest” double regional in October. This event always seems to being out the best of all of the drivers in this area. Lots of great racing this weekend as well.

In closing, a personal thanks to all that made my racing season during 2007 so successful. Without the people who don’t turn the wheel of a race car, I would be unable to do so myself. Thanks to you I had the chance to enjoy one of my passions, and for that I will never forget the efforts you have made.

See you all soon.

Membership Report  by Sandi Kryder

As usual, we have approx. 200 members including duals.

Welcome new members:

Dean Beilstein
Daniel Grilli
Jerry Palmer
Elaunah Wilson

A reminder to the following members who dues are renewable in December

Sarah Bonnier
The Csaba Bujdoso Family
Ralph Denney Jr
The Nick Doinoff Family
Joseph Goncz Jr
John & Sandie Hampton
Kirk Hopkins
Sonja Jewell
Vic Marsh
Rita Mast
Robert Mazza
Jerry & Dinah Rhodebnack
Jim Royal
The Bill Schauer Family
Tim & Cindy Wing

Happy Birthday to:

Ray Barnhart      1/26
Ralph Denney      1/26
Larry Donnaummo   1/27
Ann Gebhardt    1/23
Daniel Grilli       1/15
Scott Lane       1/21
Mike Petrusko    1/2
Chris Turkali    1/29


SCCA Membership News

Membership Incentive Programs
These new programs were introduced about mid-year and give new and important incentives to our
member volunteers and our member competitors. They will also provide a new, active, and involved
members for our Regions.
Member Referral Program
• $15.00 discount to any new SCCA Individual Membership with the exception of First Gear and Military
• $20.00 discount to any new SCCA Family Membership.
• $5.00 discount to referring member for any new membership.
• Annual recruiting contest.

Weekend Membership Program
• Good for any consecutive five day period.
• No limit to memberships purchased.
• $15.00 discount when member joins under any annual membership plan.
• Full SCCA rights and privileges during the membership period, with the exception of voting rights.
• Valid with certain competition licenses not issued by the SCCA.

Club Racing Volunteer Official’s Member Program
• $30 annual Membership dues for new SCCA members during the first three years of membership
depending upon days spent as Volunteer Official at SCCA club races.
• $45.00 for Individual and Spouse Memberships
• $55.00 for Family Memberships
• Beginning with the 2008 racing season (November 1, 2007], annual dues discounts up to $30 for
established Volunteer Officials, special membership card, and recognition in SportsCar.

Family and Spouse Memberships
• Children 20 years old and younger.
• Spouses
• Can hold a competition license without converting to a regular membership.

First Gear Program
• $45.00 annual dues
• Members under 25 years old
• Can hold a competition license without converting to a regular membership.


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members.  Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run).  Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

* TSR Automotive
Collision and Paint, Frame/Unibody alignment
Racers receive discount pricing
Poland,Ohio Call
Brad Barnhouse 330-718-3799

* RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, etc.   Check out their Website

*** FOR SALE:  Z06 Corvette, 60K miles.  $25,000.
Contact Bret Moyer - 724-535-612

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