Minutes of the June Membership Meeting - by Chris Turkali

Meeting called to order at 8:02 pm

Motor to approve May Membership Meeting Minutes printed in TRACK by Sandi Kryder and second by Bill Pintaric.

Treasury reports that we have money in the bank. Too early to tell how much. Statements have not come in yet.

Membership Report - We have in excess of 200+


Our National on May 15-16, hosted 156 cars. Most went well. Some were dissatisfied with the group in which they had to run. There were 10 lap records broken.

May 16th, Race 2 Csaba Bujdoso was first in the American sedan class and third overall.
Race 4 Bill Pintaric Jr. was first in the GT4 class with third overall
Dave Strittmatter was second in F production and was sixth overall
Race 7 Doug Marsh was first in the Formula 500
Race 8 Gregory Grucella was second in the SRF
Jim Tibor was tenth in the SRF

By conversations heard, next years National looks to be a good turnout by all of the upgrades and various improvements at the track.

Talk about the different ways of promoting events by means of advertising and special promotions which included a Life-Flight helicopter in past years. If anyone has any input, please bring it to the meeting. This includes all new members who haven't attended any meetings, we would still like to hear from you, by using our web-site Meetings held the first Tuesday of each month at the Ground Round on Elm Rd in Warren. The meetings start at 8:00 pm. Come early and join us for dinner (not furnished) between 6:30-7:00pm.


Glenn Miller is recovering from a stroke. He will soon Flag Chief again.

Bill Pintaric and Jim Tibor attended this months meeting. They stated interest in participating in the Central Division National at Mid-Ohio June 5-6th.

We welcome Joe Martinko as a new member to the region.

Move to adjourn by Bill Pintaric, second by Tom Nutter.

MVR National Driver Watch

MVR was well represented at the OVR National held at Mid Ohio on June 5-6.

GT 1 Amy Ruman 1st in Class 1st over all
GT 4 Bill Pintaric Jr 1st in Class 1st over all
AS Csaba Bujdoso 3rd
EP Gary Martz 3rd
FP Dave Strittmatter 4th
GP Matt Miller 3rd
F500 Doug Marsh 1st in Class 1st over all
F500 Bryan Golay 6th
FV Matt Leskovec 12th
SRF Greg Grucella 9th
SRF Jim Tibor 24th

BeaveRun was the next race for most of these drivers.

Amy qualified on the Pole in GT1, but due to a scary accident during qualifying, she was unable to start the race. Amy sprained her ankle, which according to her would not keep her from racing - mom had others thoughts on that - but the car was too severly damaged. Their hopes are to have it repaired in time for dad, Bob Ruman, to race it at the Cleveland TransAm Race on July 4th week-end.

Bill Pintaric scraped out a 3rd place finish after being hit at turn 1 on the start. He lost 5 laps in the pits while the crew made repairs to his car.   A happy, Gary Martz won EP. He discovered a cracked header at the start of the race prior to his, a quick repair and he was ready to go.  Matt Miller finished 5th in GP. Not bad considering his tranny was not shifting most of the time.  Doug Marsh finished 2nd F500 and Bryan Golay finished 5th.  In Spec Racer Ford, Greg Grucella finished 10th and Jim Tibor finished 18th.
Csaba Bujdoso finished 2nd in AS.

NEDIV National Point Standings for MVR Drivers:

F500 - Doug Marsh 1st and Bryan Golay is 6th
GT 1 - Amy Ruman 1st
GT 4 - Bill Pintaric 1st
EP - Gary Martz 2nd
FP - Dave Strittmatter 3rd
GP - Matt Miller 1st
SRF - Greg Grucella 9th
AS - Csaba Bujdoso 2nd

Membership Report - Sandi Kryder

We probably have over 200 members. SCCA list still list members multiple times.

Welcome new members

Bill Seibold
Kellen Miller

MVR August Double Regional

Our next event for 2004 is the Double Regional on August 28-29th. As always - workers are needed.

As a driver, if you find that you canít race, why donít you come out and work. There is not a speciality that does not need help. We do on the job training.


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members. Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run). Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

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