2 May 2006

The membership meeting was called to order at 8:03 p.m. by RE Paul Morrison with 12 members present. The April minutes and treasurer’s report were approved.

The driver school showed a deficit of nearly $8000.00, however the learning experience of 1-1 training was invaluable. Possible solutions were discussed including making the school a ‘double’ to attract more drivers, possibly changing the dates, and or combining with another region.

Our sympathies to Nina Caruso and family, at the passing of her father.

National Race has received 40 entries including 12 on-line. Approx. 340 entries were mailed out.

The trophies have been ordered and worker handouts have arrived. Cliff McCandless will set up honorary starters, using GM Lordstown people.
Saturday dinner will be steak and ‘fixins.’ Pre-meeting discussion included additional trailers for registration, a welcome tent with a Steel Cites video, programs, National Anthem, and publicity at the GM Lordstown Plant.

Scott Lane provided information on the new Safety Team at Nelson Ledges. He has leased 2 new fire trucks with pumps. Donations have been received for radios, lights, new suits and Jaws of Life. Fire extinguishers are on loan from Cleveland Gran Prix.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 p.m. on a motion by Greg Grucella, second by Bill Kasmer.

Submitted by Pam Petrusko, Secretary


6 June 06

RE Paul Morrison called the meeting to order at 8:01 PM with 11 members and 1 guest present.

He provided a rough financial and membership report in the absence of Sandi Kryder, treasurer, approved on a motion by Michael Petrusko, second by Thomas Nutter.

There was much discussion regarding our lack of financial information regarding events held by MVR.

Bev Nutter made a motion to have detailed financial reports (income/expenses/profit) for each event held by MVR to be presented at the meeting, second by Filippo Caruso; motion carried. It was stated that the Constitution requires a written budget for events, RE will request this be followed.

The May minutes were read and approved on a motion by Bev Nutter, second by Chris Turkali.


There was much discussion regarding a worker incentive program that other regions use to support their own members. On a motion by Michael Petrusko, second by Thomas Nutter, a committee will be formed to research various incentives. The chair will be Thomas Nutter and have a report ready for the October 2006 meeting for probable implementation for the 2007-racing season.

RE Paul Morrison emphatically stated he would not be a candidate for elections in November. A committee will be formed to review the Constitution with regards to office time limits.

RE Paul Morrison was in possession of tickets for the GM-UAW race at Mid-Ohio for 23-25 June as a ‘thank you’ for inclusion the MVR National.


There was much discussion regarding the dinner at the National Race. Several drivers were not in possession of the ‘ticket’ required and therefore were not served. A more equitable way of distribution must be implemented to insure all participants are included. The insufficient quantity of water for workers was also discussed.  A suggestion was to have the water in a central location and the workers take what they will need for each session. The “driving lanes” were clogged with equipment posing a safety threat. Some discussion was held regarding have scales at the track.

Meeting adjourned on a motion by Chris Turkali, second by Michael Petrusko.



We have approx. 200 members including duals.

Happy Birthday to the following:

Craig Chima  7/24
Steve Lane  7/22
Matthew Lehman 7/21
Kathleen McCann 7/21
Julia Raccio  7/13
John Windsor  7/6
Cindy Wing  7/28
Sharon Wright  7/1

I apologize if I missed anyone.

The following members are up for renewal in July:

Lauri Burkons
Alessio Caruso
The Scott Lane Family
James & Carolyn Laughlin
Matthew Leskovec
Sherry Ziegler


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