RE Report - Paul Morrison

Writing this at Nelson Ledges after our national race. I believe that we have had one of our better events. This is due to several factors and the first that comes to mind is the improvements made to the facility by Scott & Kerrie Lane. There is a long list of things that they can work on as money becomes available but what do we see as most important both a workers, drivers and spectators. Every member of our region can take pride in the way the event was run, but let’s remember all those workers fro the surrounding area that were there to help, and I know we will all help them in their events in return.

We do need to fill some key positions in our region. Mary Graham has resigned as secretary and although Chris Turkali has taken notes at our monthly meeting, I am actively recruiting for a new secretary. Anyone who can help in this area, please contact me. We also need to have an F & C Chief for the region. This is a very visible position and is necessary to the smooth running at our events. Consider taking on this job on a trial basis, and I have several people who will help guide you in the requirements of the job.

The biggest thing that we have going for us is the friendly, helpful attitude that you all show to our guests. On behalf of all who you helped “Thank you and we plan on being back next year.”

Cliff McCandless is working on a place for a solo event and anyone interested in this type of competition should contact him. We also have our August and October Double Regionals and as a reminder to all drivers, we are offering a discount coupon for your participation at the October race. Have a safe and successful race season.

Minutes of the May Membership Meeting - Chris Turkali

The May 4th Membership Meeting held at the Ground Round in Warren OH called to order 8:00pm.

Motion to accept minutes by Bill Pintaric. Second by Jim Morgan.

Old Business

Driver School - All in all the general consensus was that the event went off very well. We had 39 closed-wheeled cars and 12 open-wheeled cars. The classes went well and the drivers conduct on the track was conscientious.

The student to instructor ratio was good. The discussions after each on track event were very beneficial. Bill Pintaric and instructors were also visible if any of the students had any questions.

A few regions weren't very supportive of the event. Bill Kasmer said that for a double school you have to be prepared and the Mahoning Valley Region was. Bill Pintaric did a great job. Bill stated that good instructors made for a good event.

The success of the event was largely due to the support of the workers, who without their participation, the driving school would not have taken place. Hats off to all those who showed up. The Region appreciates your support.

After the event was over, Bill received a lot of favorable comments and the price for the school was a good bargain.

Cliff McCandless presented Chris Turkali with the Fast and Furious trophy for doing well at Saturdays race and winning Sundays race while making some instructors nervous under red flag conditions. Chris spoke of his weekend misadventures and thanked Carl Holbrook for making the car available to him to lease for the school.


Paul Morrison spoke of thoughts and ideas that are needed for incentives to keep building and sustaining a valuable worker pool. Some ideas mentioned were good food at lunchtime and frequent water breaks during humid conditions and not to forget the workers in grid and pit lane. Hats, t-shirts, pins and credit vouchers to turn in at the end of the season for rewards. So if you think of anything for the next meeting, give a yell.

New Business

Scott informed us that Nelson Ledges has a new 10x32 registration trailer that should be functional by the MVR's national race. Also we have a red light green light indicator at pit out donated by Cliff McCandless, which should free up a worker in that area.

Another topic that came up was placement of the pace car on pit lane.

Ticket prices for admission to the regions national were $5.00 Saturday, $10.00 Sunday and half off coupons were made available by an advertisement placed in the Tribune Chronicle by Chris Turkali. So far the entries for the national look good.

Motion to adjourn made by Bill Pintaric. Nina Caruso seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 9:12 pm.

MAY NATIONAL - Sandi Kryder

We had 156 entrants at our May National. This was up 10% over last years event. The weather was not the best on Saturday, but Sunday was great. The racing was good and there were at least 10 new lap records set. The new overall lap record for Nelson Ledges is now 0:58.980 which is a lap average of 122.075 mph was set by Jacek Mucha in his Ralt RT40.

Nelson Ledges continues to make huge improvements. MVR was the first to use the new registration building at the track. This is a 32 x 10 trailer with 2 rooms. We used the smaller room for registering the workers and the larger one for drivers & crews. We even have A/C, heat and a working bathroom.

Dinner on Saturday evening for all drivers, crew & workers consisted of Ribeye Steak, Pasta Salad, Corn and Rolls. There was also plenty of Killlians Red and Coors Light beers and a variety of soft drinks.

I would like to thank all my Chiefs of specialties, stewards and workers. We truly cannot put on a race with you.

Comment on the national - last thing- BIG thumbs up to the Mahoning Valley Region (and Sandy Kryder for being responsible for a million things this past weekend, from Registration to fuel pumps), for having the quickest timing & scoring crew I have ever experienced! We were on the false grid for qualifying on Saturday, strapped-in to our cars, and I hear them announcing that provisional times for the group IMMEDIATELY BEFORE OURS WERE POSTED!! I couldn't believe it! They were like that all weekend and did a hell of a job!

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It has been a nightmare for the National Office, but they are finally getting a hold of the new software system and membership reports & dues are finally being generated once again. Although the membership report they sent me is useless at this point - at least we have it. It will take me hours of work to muddle my through it to find out who our new members are, and to be honest, I haven’t had the time what with the National and getting this newsletter out.

Here is a list of the our new members that I know of:

Welcome to all.

George Kissinger
3575 Barclay-Messerly Rd
Southington OH 44470

Alan Johnston
736 Castle St
New Castle PA 16101

John O’Driscoll
2576 Nadyne Dr
Youngstown OH 44511

Randall Park
2064 Brookfield Rd
Hubbard OH 44425

Raymond Park
2259 S Bailey Rd
North Jackson OH 44451

Myron & Kimberly Vernis
Zoe & Alexandra Vernis
475 Winfield Way
Akron OH 44303

Gerald Morris
7625 Meadowood Dr
Canfield OH 44406-9451

Gary Martz transferred his region of record from Neohio to MVR.

Andy Deathridge transferred his region of record from Neohio to MVR.

The following members have renewals in June.

David Badger
Ronald Baldine
Everton Barker Jr
Brad Barnhouse Family
William Eicholtz
Ben Kohler
Paul Morrison Family
Joe Rothermel
David Strittmatter
Fred Wolfe


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