RE REPORT - Paul Morrison

I trust that each of you has had some kind of good experience since last months newsletter was published. I can assure you that my recent trips into competition has made me feel a whole lot better in the way things are generally going. My first experience to relate to you is the Formula SAE competition held annually where college level students compete in a head to head rivalry that is as fearsome as any of the June Sprints or Runoffs that I have been to. This year the event was held at the Michigan Proving Grounds and presented it's own logistics problems as all participants had to be escorted in and out of the grounds and no one was allowed to stay overnight. The students build formula type cars and compete in static (display, cost, design and engineering reviews) and dynamic (solo, skidpad, braking, dynometer, and endurance)competitions. There were 140 schools represented and included 12 foreign countries, Canada, Mexico, Korea, Japan, England, Australia, Austria, Singapore, Taiwan, Venezuela, Finland and Brazil.

There are few restrictions in design and the innovation and technology used included advanced composite chassis, carbon fiber components and full race engines and suspensions, as well as computer downloads and telemetry systems. I would suggest that anyone who ever has any doubt about the future, just attend this event and you will get a glimpse of what the future engineers and designers are made of. The automotive companies, Daimler Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors are the Consortium Members that underwrite this event, as well as major sponsorship from EDS, Arvi Meritor, Brueland Kjaer, Continental Teves, Goodyear tire and Rubber Company, Henkel Technologies, Hoosier Racing Tire, Land & Sea, Inc. Lincoln Electric Company, Mahle Powertrain LLC, Ricardo, Inc., Robert Bosch Corporation, Solidworks Corporation, Sunoco, Altair Engineering, Comsource, Inc., Polaris Industries, William Mitchell Software, and Yazaki North America. I was disappointed that the SCCA did not have a more visible National office presence as it is a recruiting ground that is ripe for the picking.

To follow this I had the pleasure to be a part of our Memorial National Race. Word is spreading on how much work has been done at Nelson Ledges and the hospitality shown to the entrants by all of our members is truly gratifying to me. There were some problems, and things we can not control but it is my firm belief that the event was as good as any held by any region and the Mahoning Valley Region can put on even better events in the future. We can only do this with the help of our fellow SCCA members and please take time to thank them while you are working with them. Thank Scott and Kerrie Lane for their hard work and please feel free to give suggestions on how we can improve in the future.
I made a special effort to include the General Motors Complex at Lordstown as our guests and a special thank you has to go to Tom Henry Racing for providing the Cobalt SS pace car. Scott Lane has also planned a booth at the 40th anniversary of Lordstown and if anyone is interested in being a representative of the region, your help would be appreciated. The dates of the celebration are June 29, 30, July 1 and 2. Please call me and I hope to be able to provide more information at our next meeting.

Thank you all for what you do and how much you add to this sport.


Our membership count remains close to the same.

Happy Birthday to the following:

Brad Barnhouse 6/15  Frank McWilliams  6/9
Ray Boniface    6/22  Allen Milarcik  6/1
Matias Bonnier 6/12  Doug Miller  6/23
Mariana Bujdoso  6/6  Jim Royal  6/21
William Eicholtz  6/1  Michael Saddleton  6/21
Carolyn Laughlin  6/2  Myron Vernis  6/28
Richard Lyons 6/11  Janice Walton   6/3
Joseph Mannozzi  6/3  Tim Wing  6/24

I apologize if I missed anyone.

The following members are up for renewal in June:

David Badger   Tim Lehman
The Barnhouse Family  Sander Marques
Beverly DiBell   The Morrison Family
Larry Donnaurnmo  William Eicholtz
John Windsor   Stephen Young
Ben Kohler

MVR NATIONAL - Sandi Kryder

Our National was a success.  We had 157 drivers, down just a tad from last year, but up from all the previous year prior to 2005.

While it rained on Friday for testing, Saturday & Sunday were was hot & dry.

A huge THANK YOU to all the workers.

MVR NATIONAL - Sandi Kryder (cont.)

We had 113 workers.  Break down goes like this:

Starters   5
Tech   9
Pit/Grid   16
Sound   4
Course   7
F&R   5
EMS   9
T&S   7
Registration  7
F & C   26 (17 for Saturday)
Stewards  18

Here is what a few drivers had to say via e-mails to me:

Sandy, I just wanted to let you know that the race this past weekend was as well organized as any I've been to anywhere. You and your volunteers did a super job. The improvement to the track and grounds was commented on by everyone I talked to. Thanks. Guy Pipitone

Hi Sandi,

I thought I would send you a thank you for the nice trophy from the event. I really like that type of trophy since they look cool and I do have my share of plaques which are better than the old style of bowling type trophies. Also thanks for the great steak dinner on Sat. night as well.  Ed Womer

Hi Sandi,
We had a great weekend and enjoyed the race, the food and the friendship. Thanks for everything.
See you at the track!

Ted Phenix
GNA alutech inc.
9495 Trans-Canada Highway
Saint-Laurent, Qc H4S 1V3

I would like to thank off my Chief's of specialties -

Registrar - at track Dorothy Harrington
T & S   Con Peplowski
Tech   Mike Kowalsky
Start   Cliff McCandless

Pit/Grid   Bill Stewart
Sound   Mike Petrusko
Course Marshall Larry Steckel
EMS   Willie Harshman/Jay Barker
F & C   Lauri Burkons
Steward  Matias Bonnier

A special thanks to Frank Zuppan who brought out the sound equipment on a day when he was planning to move to his new home not be at a race track.

MVR driver results.

T1 - David Pintaric, in a Corvette had the over-all pole and led the race flag to flag.

F 500 - Jeremy Swank, put his Invader QC-1A on the over-all pole and led flag to flag.

GT 1 - Csaba Bujdoso qualified 2nd with his Chevy Camaro and finished 3rd.

GTL - Bill Pintaric, driving his Nissan 200SX got the pole in class and led flag to flag.  Mike Saddleton qualified 6th in his Datsun 1200, but had mechanical problems in the race and only ran 6 laps.

FP - David Strittmatter, driving a Lancia Scorpion, qualified 2nd in class and finished 1st.

SRF - Greg Grucella qualified 6th and finished 5th, Jim Tibor qualified 13th and finished 10th.


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members.  Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run).  Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

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*FOR SALE: GTech Pro RR, Never Used.  Still in box.
$240.00.  Call Reed Kryder 330-854-4889.

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*FOR SALE:  10” x 14” Action picture of Emerson Fittipaldi in the 1987 Cleveland Grand Prix.  Autographed by Emmo and framed.  $500.00.  12” x 18” photo of Al Unser, Jr. on his victory lap at Indy after winning the 1994 Indy “500” in a Penske Mercedes.  Autographed and framed.  $300.00    Contact Dick Wade - 330-540-0555 or 330-757-4952

***FOR SALE: 1990 Chevrolet Suburban Silverado $3900.00 350 engine, 4 wheel drive, 3rd seat, 144,000 miles, am/fm cassette, electric windows, electric mirrors, air conditioning, aluminum allow wheels, new muffler and exhaust, tow package with electric brake, very good running and driving vehicle in nice condition. 330.447.1969 or email

* FOR RENT: ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools. Kryderacing - 330-854-4889.

* RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, race car transportation, etc.   Check out their Website

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