Mahoning Valley's F&C Chief, Glenn Miller, was tragically killed at the Neohio Driver School on May 15. Glenn and his family have been members for years and at one time or another all have been corner workers.

Glenn was always ready to help out in anyway he could at our events and contributed articles to TRACK. He will be greatly missed.

God Speed Glenn.



The June Membership meeting will be held on July 5th at the West Fork Roadhouse in Liberty, 193 Belmont Ave. just south of I 80 in Youngstown.

The Ground Round has closed it doors permanently.


Get well wishes to Chris Turkali. Chris is home now, but spent a week or so in the hospital for some lung problems.

We currently have 203 members.

New members include:

Jonathan Beck
Lauri Burkons
Doug Fechter
Daniel Fritz
Cynthia Gabri
Sander Marque
Pam Petrusko
John Windsor
Sharon Wright
Stephen Young

Happy Birthday to the following:

Brad Barnhouse 6/15
Ray Bonniface 6/22
Matias Bonnier 6/12
Mariana Bujdoso 6/6
William Eicholz 6/1
Carolyn Laughlin 6/2
Richard Lyons 6/11
Jack Madison 6/26
Joserph Mannozzi 6/3
Frank McWilliams 6/9
Allen Milarcik 6/1
Doug Miller 6/23
James Royal 6/21
Michael Saddletonq 6/21
Myron Vernis 6/28
Janice Walton 6/3
Tim Wing 6/24

Krissy Eash 7/12
Steve Lane 7/22
Julia Raccio 7/13
William Sovik Jr 7/8
Cindy Wing 7/28
Sharon Wright 7/1


We just had one of our biggest events in recent history.

We had 185 drivers. The weather co-operated. Nobody got stuck in the mud and the temperatures never dropped below 50 degrees during the day. Actually it was in the 60's or mid 70's most of the time.

The racing was great and there were no serious incidents. Everyone enjoyed the party on Saturday night. Strip steaks were served along with the ususal Killilans Red and Coors Light beer. Wine & pop were also available.

Mahoning Valley drivers did very well.

GT1 Amy Ruman 1st
GTL Bill Pintaric 2nd
EP Gary Martz 1st
FP David Strittmatter 2nd
GP Matt Miller 5th
GP Dave Hammer 7th
F500 Doug Marsh 2nd
F500 Mike Baum 3rd
F500 Bryan Golay 5th
SRF Greg Grucella 3rd
SRF Jim Tibor 9th
AS Csaba Bujdoso 3rd
T1 David Pintaric 6th


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members. Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run). Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

* FOR RENT: ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools. Call Kryderacing at 330-854-4889.

* RACE CAR PREP: Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, race car transportation, etc. Check out their Website

** VW ITC prepared 1.5 liter + .040 overbore, FI, intake matched to head, electronic ignition, balanced, "G" grind cam, recurved distributor, baffled oil pan, cam-saver tray, complete less header (available) and clutch/flywheel (available). Beat the 1.6's with this quick revving sprint engine. $1,000.00 plus freight, NE Ohio.

1.5 liter "Longest Day" class winner. Endurance (stock bore) engine for ITC class. Raceware rod bolts, FI, electronic ignition, balanced, "G" grind cam, cam saver tray, baffled oil pan. Not quite as fast as above engine, less header (available)and clutch/flywheel (available). $600.00 plus freight, NE Ohio

Have a garage full of VW parts and accessories (transmissions, steel wheels, race seat, steering racks, fuel pump, master cylinder, rotors, bumpers, half shafts, starters, electric radiator fan, tire pyrometer, fuel injection pressure tester, castor-camber gage, Tri-Y header, etc...). Send your e-mail or "snail mail" address for a complete list with prices.

Contact: Bill Sovik @ or 330-965-9025

* FOR SALE - 4 Hoosier Autocross A350A3, P245/45ZR16 tires mounted on Aluminum 5-spoke, 5-lug 16 x 8 Firebird or Camaro wheels. Fits 1993-1998.

Best Offer -

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