Martha McGill passed away on March 25th in Florida. Martha was the wife of John McGill, long time MVR member and Nelson Ledges track manager for 20+ years and the mother of Scott and Kerrie Lane, current track manager's.

Larry Zimcosky passed away suddenly on April 1. Larry was a Neohio member and also a fixture at Nelson Ledges for years. Larry worked for all the regions using the facilities. Larry lived at the track and did so many little things that added up to huge things. He also held a National Start license.

Our condolences to both families. Both Martha and Larry will be greatly missed.


Well for those who thought that moving our event 1 week ahead would be give us better weather - were VERY wrong. We had 20 days of great weather in April. Unfortunately, our school was held on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th days of April. Winter returned on the 23rd.

However, only a couple of drivers whimped out and cancelled due to the forecasted weather. The other 37 students had a great time.

I would like to thank ALL the workers/instructors who came out to work. Weather condition were absolutely miserable. Rain, snow, wind. Although on the good side - we did not have much accumulation of snow.

Hot soup and sandwiches were served both days at lunch and hot chocolate & tea was available. We also made a hot chocolate run on Saturday afternoon. A spaghetti dinner was served on Saturday night. Although not much beer was drank as people just wanted to find warmth.

One comment from a driver:

Wow, what a great school your region put on. Please pass this along and thank all of those involved. The people in registration were very busy but very courteous and the class session Friday night was done very well and not drawn out. I think with the bad weather making the decision to run long on Saturday was appreciated by everybody with the hope of rapping up early on Sunday. I would really like to thank all of the workers who did not have a chance to get out of the nasty weather. At least as a student I could get into the tow vehicle and warm up before I had to go back out on track. I would also like to thank all of the instructors for their great critiques after each session, they all worked very hard to help us have a good, fun weekend and succeed.

Hope to see you soon at a race.

Bob Welch
SM 13

It is because of drivers like this that keep us coming.

Flagging in the snow

Being a corner worker isnít easy

By Glenn Miller

During the course of my tenure as a corner worker (flagger) I have encountered many types of weather. I have worked in monsoons, tent-camped in hail storms, and endured high heat. However, up until our recent drivers school I have never flagged in the snow. Like they say, life is an adventure waiting to be experienced. This was an experience that while unique is not one I wish to repeat.

My day started Saturday with just a little rain as I left Cleveland. Normal for this time of year I had no clue as to what else was to follow during the weekend. The day at the track was normal and all went well for those of us hardy enough to volunteer to help at the event. My return home on Saturday night was not what I expected. Upon approaching the Cleveland area I encountered, you guessed it, SNOW. Not just a few flakes, mind you, but the ground sticking, loose car type. And me without my winter tires on the car. The drive home was interesting to say the least. My house had no snow when I got there.

Go figure.

I left home Sunday morning with no snow but a forecast that said there should be. However, I soon discovered my area was not like everywhere else. Driving to the track was an interesting event. The roads would have made a winter rallymaster ecstatic. I can remember only a few times when I encountered those types of roads during my time driving road rallies. Back then I had both snow tires and a car set up for those conditions. A Malibu with an automatic transmission and performance tires would not have been my first choice. I had forgotten how much fun driving on the edge could be.

Sunday at the track was a unique experience as I had never flagged with snow on the ground and flakes in the air. Other than a few off course excursions by the

Flagging in the snow (cont.)

student drivers the day went well. The volunteers who came to help out deserve more recognition and thanks than can ever be given them. Those that I had a chance to talk to related similar tales of journeys to the track. This event will provide many tales to tell by numerous individuals of experiences at the track. I had fun and I hope everyone else did too.



Our next event is the National on Memorial Day week-end. Entries will be available on-line and in the mail by the time you get this newsletter.

As always, workers are needed. Wish I could promise no snow (hee hee) but I can't.

One thing we are doing different this year is the addition of a "restricted" regional class. Since Spec Miata will be a National class next year, the board decided to include them with our race this year - give them a chance to see what Nationals are all about.

They will be our Group 9.

The schedule is:


Friday - May 27, 2005

6:00pm - 9:30pm Registration

7:00pm - 9:30pm Tech Inspection

Saturday - May 28, 2005

7:00am - 11:30 Registration

7:30am - 4:30pm Tech Inspection

8:00am 20 Minute Qualifying - Groups 1-8

15 Minute Qualifying - Group 9

Noon (approx) Lunch

1:00 pm (approx) 25 Minute Qualifying for Groups 1 - 8

5:00pm (approx.) 20 Minute Qualifying Group 9

5:30pm (approx.) Dinner for ALL DRIVERS, CREW AND WORKERS to be held under Timing & Scoring Tower.

Sunday - May 29, 2005

7:00am - 10:00am Registration at the barn

7:15am Motorsports Ministries

7:30am Tech inspection

8:30am 10 Minute Warm-up - Closed Wheel followed by

10 Minute Warm-up - Open Wheel

Please note: Warm up is for National Classes only
9:00am 23 Lap National Races

Groups 1 - 8

Noon (approx) Lunch

1:00pm (approx) 23 Lap National Races continue

3:00pm (approx.) 20 Lap Race for Group 9


GROUP 2 AS, T1, T2
GROUP 6 GT 1, GT 2, GT3
GROUP 7 FV, F500

Again, if you are not racing, please come out and work.

Lunch will be served both days and a steak dinner is planned for Saturday night.


April meeting called to order at 8:00pm.

Nice weather for a change.

Membership report 207

Drivers' school as of now 15 entries, expecting 35-40.

Fifteen instructors are lined up, would like 20.

Paul was given a comment at the Roundtable in New York, that last years driving school was well instructed and the competitors assisted each other when in need.

The National race sanction has been applied for and has been approved for by stewards.

Debating on online registration, cost would run about $85.00 and no credit cards..

Paul Morrison has been in contact with General Motors to get use of the COBALT for pace cars and track rides.

Racing report from Summit Point, several MVR members competed in cold and wet conditions and registration was agonizing.

The region mourns the loss of John McGills' wife Martha and Larry Zimcosky.

Motion to adjourn by Bill Kasmer, second by Scott Lane.


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1.5 liter "Longest Day" class winner. Endurance (stock bore) engine for ITC class. Raceware rod bolts, FI, electronic ignition, balanced, "G" grind cam, cam saver tray, baffled oil pan. Not quite as fast as above engine, less header (available)and clutch/flywheel (available). $600.00 plus freight, NE Ohio

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