RE Report - Bill Pintaric

Spring has arrived in Northeast Ohio and the racing season has begun.

Mahoning Valley Driver’s School has been run and it appears to have been a great success. Much thanks to all that made it happen, all the many volunteers, instructors, and students. To me, it’s one of the great events of the year. Watching new drivers learning the ropes really gets you excited about racing in general and racing at Nelson Ledge in particular. As usual, an incident happened this year to verify that racers in general, and in Northeast Ohio in particular, really care about the sport and its participants. During the school, several students suffered mechanical problems that would keep them from finishing the school. In some cases, another student offered the use of their car to the other student, and an instructor (who shall go nameless since we really don’t want everyone expecting the same offer) offered the use of his immaculate Spec Miata to a student to allow the student to finish the school. That is beyond the call of duty. But it also proves that we are fortunate to have some of the friendliest people here in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.   A special thanks to Bill Kasmer who was a chief instructor this year. Great job again, Bill! And thanks to Sandi Kryder who acted as Registrar and Race Chairperson. And again, thank to all of those who made this event a great one.  If there is any comment, idea, or anything else you would like to discuss about this event, please send me an e-mail to

I was the region’s representative at the Northeast Division’s Roundtable held in Buffalo this last month.  A great “thank you” to Western New York Region for putting on a fine event. Great food, both Friday night at the Welcome party and Saturday’s dinner was wonderful. A very well run event.  On that note, I am always impressed by the caliber of people that represent the regions and the Division at these events and otherwise. While there may be times that we do not always see eye to eye (we are human), there is not a doubt that the people in this club are passionate about the sport.  From Stewards, to Regional Executives, to region board members, to volunteers, and drivers, this is a great club, with great people. Do we have issues, certainly-you always will when people are involved. I believe that any issue can be worked out when the people care about what they are doing.

In closing, I would like to congratulate the award recipients at the March membership meeting. They represent this region very well, and I can only wish them much good luck in the future, in whatever specialty they are involved with.

Take care, and I hope to see you at some race track sometime soon.

Minutes of the March Membership Meeting

RE Bill Pintaric welcomed the twenty members present and opened the meeting.

The Treasurer's and Membership Reports were approved as presented.

Sandi Kryder moved and Cliff McCandless seconded a motion to approve the Jan. and Feb. minutes as recorded in Track. Motion carried.

Old Business:

We received our new sound equipment and sanction # for our Driver's School in April.

New Business:

RE Bill Pintaric is going to the NE DIV Roundtable in Buffalo NY March 9-11.

This being our annual awards banquet we awarded the following.

Jon Beck (Worker of the Year), Cliff McCandless (Member of the Year), David Pintaric ( National Driver of the Year), Scott Nutter (Regional Driver of the Year).

Our RE thanked everyone for coming and especially the board for doing a fine job in selecting our members for the awards.

Sandi Kryder made a motion and a second from Carl Holbrook to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted- Tom Nutter, Secretary

Minutes of the April Membership Meeting

RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting and welcomed the 18 members present even though the weather was very spring-like.

The Treasurer's and Membership Reports were approved.

Carl Holbrook made a motion with a second from Cliff
Minutes of the April Membership Meeting (cont.)

McCandless to dispense with the minutes as this
secretary had a senior moment and lost my folder with the minutes inside.

Old Business: Our Chief Instructor Bill Kasmer has instructors ready to go. we are just waiting for students.

The National on Memorial Weekend, and the Regional June 30-July 1 is starting to draw a lot of attention as reported from Sandi Kryder.

New Business:

Bill Pintaric gave a report on the NE DIV Roundtable in Buffalo. There was more information on solo events rather than anything pertaining to drivers.

Cliff McCandless made a motion with a second by Pam Petrusko to spend $200.00 for 200 Helmet Medical Tags and give them to all drivers entered in our events. Motion passed.

Sandi Kryder made a motion to adjourn with a second by Csaba Bujdoso. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted- Tom Nutter, Secretary


We have approx. 200 members including duals.

Welcome new members

Mike Baum
Dan & Diane Cesene
Anthony Miller

Welcome Back:

Filipo Caruso

Happy Birthday Wishes to:

Barbara Barnhart  5/5
Jon Beck   5/17
Glenn Boros   5/2
Matt Carson   5/23
Al Caruso   5/10
Nina Caruso   5/30
Daniel Cesene   5/27
Karen Counselman  5/10
Nick Doinoff   5/28
Sonja Jewell   5/12
Alan Johnson   5/22
George Kanfantaris  5/11
Joseph Martinko  5/1
James Morgan   5/28
Tom Nutter   5/30
Mike Petrusko   5/14
Jerry Rhodeback  5/14
Brian Ross   5/5

A reminder to the following member whose renewals are in May

Judy Badger
Everton Barker
Jon Beck
Glenn Boros
Patrick Cavanaugh
Willie Harshman
Jeff Kihm
Dave Klein
Edward Mandel
Allen Milarcik
Doug Miller
Kellen Miller
Pam Petrusko
Sharon Wright

The following members have removed from the active membership list.

Charles Baumgartner
Jonathan Nutter


Amy Ruman, Jim Tibor, Bill Pintaric, David Pintaric and Scott Lane ran the abbreviated Summit Point National.  Once again the weather was horrible.  With forecast of the Nor'easter hitting on Sunday, the drivers voted in mass to do a Saturday only event.  There was a 20 Min. Qualifying session in the morning and 23 lap or 30 min. (which ever came first) races in the afternoon.

Group 1  T1, T2, T3, SSB, SSC
David was in the first race.  He had a great battle in T1 the entire race for 2nd and set fastest lap of the race, but lost the battle and finished 3rd.  David finished 5th at
the Memphis National back in March.

Group 4 SRF

I'm sorry to say (and can't find results anywhere) that I have not idea how Jim Tibor did in SRF.

Group 6  GTL, EP, FP, GP, HP
Bill was the next race (I think).   It had started to rain by his race and half the field were on dries the other half on rain tires.  Bill reported that it was very slippery and he had just pulled out of pit lane on the pace lap.  We were glad we went with the rain tires.  Bill too had a great race and came home in 2nd place in GTL.

Group 8  GT1, GT2, GT3, AS
Amy was on the GT1 pole and had a half lap lead over the second place GT1 until the last lap.  It started raining harder towards the end of that race and Amy spun in turn 1, which allowed the 2nd place car to pass here.  Amy finished second.  I do not know where Scott Lane qualified, but he finished 4th in AS.


The sanction has been applied for and received.  Online registration available by the time this newsletter is mailed.

As always, help is needed.  These events do not run by themselves.  Help is always needed in every specialty area.

Sandi Kryder will have the tentative entry list posted at


Friday - May 25, 2007
6:00pm - 9:30pm    Registration
7:00pm - 9:30pm     Tech Inspection

Saturday - May 26, 2007

7:00am - 11:30  Registration
7:30am - 4:30pm    Tech Inspection
8:00am        20 Minute Qualifying by Groups

Noon (approx)   Lunch

1:00 pm (approx) 25 Minute Qualifying by Groups
5:30pm (approx.) Dinner for ALL DRIVERS,      CREW AND WORKERS  to be     held under Timing & Scoring     Tower.

Sunday - May 27, 2007

7:00am - 10:00am Registration at the barn
7:15am   Motorsports Ministries
7:30am   Tech inspection

8:00am   10 Minute Warm-up - Closed     Wheel  followed by
   10 Minute Warm-up - Open     Wheel

8:30am   23 Lap National Races by     Groups

Noon (approx)  Lunch

1:00pm (approx) 23 Lap National  Races      continue by Groups


TOPEKA, Kan. (April 23, 2007) – Heartland Park Topeka announced today several changes to the course layout of the 2.5-mile configuration utilized for the SCCA National Championship Runoffs® Presented by AT&T.

Two sections of the race track, including Turns One, Two and Eight, will be modified prior to the 2007 Runoffs, held Oct. 8-14.

The Turn One-Two complex will become faster, with wider radius turns to encourage side-by-side racing while making it less probable for cars to run off course. The higher speeds into Turn Three will also open up the corner entry for out-braking maneuvers.

Turn Eight will no longer be a hard braking zone, with a gradual bend to the left before feeding into the right-hand Turn Nine. This section of the course is expected to be much faster. Turn 10 will become a heavier braking zone due to increased speeds out of Turn Nine.

“The new course changes will accomplish several goals. It will create faster average lap speeds, faster overall speeds, at least one very fast, ‘signature’ corner and address two problem areas where cars would frequently leave the course and bring debris back on the track surface,” Heartland Park Topeka Owner Raymond Irwin said. “Both sections will be at least one gear higher, and the Turn Eight-Nine section will be very fast, requiring both skill and courage, not unlike The Kink at Road America.”

“Raymond Irwin and Heartland Park Topeka have listened to its customers and taken a course of action HPT CHANGES (cont.)
that they feel best addresses the feedback from the 2006 event,” SCCA President and CEO Jim Julow said. “While the changes are minor in comparison to the complete renovation of the facility completed in 2006, we expect them to have a major positive impact on the racing.”

Construction will begin this summer and, while Irwin does not rule out the possibility of completion before late-summer events, it is expected that the new changes will be run for the first time during the Oct. 1-7 test week leading up to the Runoffs.

Click here for a larger map of the changes:

The SCCA National Championship Runoffs® Presented by AT&T, The Pinnacle of American Motorsports, will crown Sports Car Club of America’s Club Racing National Champions for the 44th-consecutive year in 2007. More than 700 of the best amateur drivers from across North America convene on Heartland Park Topeka’s 2.5-mile road course each fall in what is considered the “Olympics” of motorsports.

Heartland Park Topeka, a multi-purpose racing facility located in Topeka, Kan., annually hosts NHRA POWERade drag racing, Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and many other pro and amateur drag racing,
road racing and dirt racing events throughout the race


Well spring is finally here and everyone’s mind has turned to events. Solo and Rally are off and running and Club Racing is getting into gear in the warm weather states. It’s a busy time here in Topeka with licenses and membership applications pouring in. On the down side, even though it was only by a few people, last year was another year of declining membership.

This brings me to the point of this month’s letter. When was the last time you invited a friend or neighbor to one of our events? When I get around the country and see you all at events, it strikes me what a great time everyone is having. Then I get back to Topeka and look at the membership numbers and wonder why they continue to fall. Is it that people just don’t like motorsports as much anymore? Doubtful, in fact America’s love affair with the car seems stronger than ever.

Well let me put forth a dangerous proposition (especially for someone at HQ) that I don’t think the answer lies in the next great advertising or marketing program. I think it’s more personal than that. I think the answer is for all of our 53,000 members to reach out and invite someone to come out and join us at our next event. Nothing is as powerful as a personal invitation and I’m willing to bet that whatever the event is will be more than up to the challenge of impressing your guest.

So you know, we are going to keep working on the marketing and advertising ideas here in Topeka. We’ll also keep working on membership offers like the recently reintroduced First Gear program. I’m sure that our message and membership offers can be improved. But give me the benefit of the doubt and give some thought to asking your neighbor, cousin, friend from work or someone else that’s never been to one of our events to join you the next time out. Remember that there is a reason you like them and that they like you (it’s called shared values). You know who I’m talking about and I’m willing to bet that a lot of them have been waiting a long time for the invitation.
Jim Julow, President


A new Volunteer License Renewal process will take effect April 1st, 2007. The change is intended to:
Make it easier for our volunteers to renew their specialty licenses
Enable the membership/license card to be mailed once
Provide the Specialty Divisional Administrators with more direct involvement in the renewal process of the volunteers they represent
Starting April 1, 2007, Divisional Administrators of our Volunteer Specialties will be sent a monthly Excel file of all the licensees in their specialty and division that will be up for renewal 60 days out (for example, April’s mailing will be for June renewals). If the DA does not want any of the licensees to be renewed at their current level, the DA must notify both the volunteer involved
and SCCA Member Services of their decision. SCCA Member Services will process the license per the direction of the DA. If the DA does not indicate any issues, the remaining be renewed as soon as the volunteer sends in their membership renewal request (the form is being updated to explain the license program on one side and space for upgrade requests on the back for DA approval).

There is no change in the participation requirements for renewal (6 days for a Divisional License renewal, 8 days for a National License renewal), and there is no change to the license upgrade process which will still require DA approval.


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members.  Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run).  Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

* FOR RENT:  ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools. Kryderacing - 330-854-4889.

* FOR SALE:  Motec M48 Engine Management System.  Call 330-854-4889 for details.

*** For Sale:  Mazda RX7 1st Gen Limited Slip Ring and Pinion 4.875 Rear Differential $500.00 OBO

*** FOR SALE: GTech Pro RR, Never Used.  Still in box. $240.00.  Call Reed Kryder 330-854-4889.

*** RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, etc.   Check out their Website

*** Driver's School Car Rental: We are having a double driver's school at Nelson this April and I have some cars to rent. They are IT-C Renaults and are very reliable and competitive in that class. I have some drivers suits that you could use in various sizes (they got bigger as I got larger). You would need your own racing underwear, shoes and helmet. Double school, 3/4 rental. For information, Contact Carl Holbrook at 330-856-7841 or email to if interested.

*** For Sale: 1985 Renault Encore. About 5 races on the engine. Strut towers modified for negative chamber. RenaultCup suspension. Will pass tech. 14" wheels, 5 speed. $1,995 as it is or I can make like mine for $2,995. These are fast reliable cars; I have the track record for IT-C. For information, Contact Carl Holbrook at 330-856-7841 or email to if interested.

*** Race Rental:
I have Renaults to rent for events at Nelson's Ledges, or Mid Ohio if you can tow a trailer. Competitive cars that are reliable and fun. For information, Contact Carl Holbrook at 330-856-7841 or email to if interested.

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