RE Remarks - by Bill Pintaric

Racing season has arrived, the smell of tires, brakes, and oil fills the air. For many of us, this is what we live for-either to compete, or to volunteer and become involved on another level. Enjoy it while you can. Seize the moment

Shortly, the first event of our season will be upon us, the Dual National at Nelson Ledges Memorial Day weekend. It will be the first dual national in SCCA history, for those who donít know this, the GCR had to have a new entry just to allow this race to take place. Pretty cool for Mahoning Valley. We may not be the biggest region, but man do we think big!  Thanks to NeOhio for coming on board with this. With the price of fuel, it would appear that the drivers and the volunteers want these types of events. Not as much travel expense, and a chance not to have to live out of a suitcase so ofter during the season.

I know in many ways I am preaching to the choir, but anyone that can help out on that weekend would be greatly appreciated. We will be on display that weekend and while we have great volunteers, the more the merrier and the easier it is for everyone involved. Come on out-you get see some really great racing. I am expecting a large crowd for this event and as usual the racing should be fantastic. Who knows what may happen.

Good luck this racing season and hope to see you all very soon

Minutes of the January 2008 Membership Meeting

RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting at 8 pm.

Seven members in attendance.

Membership Report - approx. 200 members

New business:

Mini Con was discussed.   MVR has been asked for input for car show at Youngstown Convention Center for (Time Attack).   Kryder's are going to the National convention in February.  If people have anything to be brought up in Texas, let Reed or Sandi know.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20pm  Motioned by Bill Kasmer, Seconded by Reed Kryder

Respectfully submitted by Greg Alley, Secretary

Minutes of the February 2008 Membership Meeting

RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting at 8 pm.

Seven members in attendance.

December minutes accepted as written in TRACK, motioned by Reed Kryder, seconded by Vic Marsh.

Treasurers Report read and  motion to approve by Carl Holbrook, seconded by Paul Morrison.

New Business:

Still not sure on food vendor for Nelson Ledges.  It is still in the works.    National race is still a work in progress.  Motion to adjourn by Reed Kryder, seconded by Carl Holbrook.

Respecftully submitted by Greg Alley, Secretary

Minutes of the March 2008 MembershipMeeting

RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting at 8 pm.

15 members attended the meeting.

Treasurer's report read - motion to approve by Bill Kasmer, seconded by Carl Holbrook.

Old Business:

National Convention, good weather, Run Offs could move in future, many discussions on worker incentive programs.

New Business:

Look into buying lites for pace car.  WOR Games is moving from Mid Ohio to Nelson Ledges.  Date is Labor Day Weekend.

Move to adjourn by Sandi Kryder seconded by Nina Caruso.

Respectfully submitted by Greg Alley, Secretary

MVR Website

The MVR website has a new look to it.  Check it out.  Sandi is still working on getting all the archived results and TRACK done.   If you have any classified, items of interest etc., please let her know.

MVR National - The Dual

The first ever Dual National will be held at Nelson Ledges on Memorial Day Weekend.   MVR, in conjunction with Neohio is hosting the events.  A NeDiv National and a Great Lakes National.  This is a 4 day event, or as one of our members put it the "Longest Week".  The is a schedule elsewhere in TRACK.   Friday will be a crucial day for workers, so if you can take off work or are not working and want to come out, we won't turn you away.  Worker lunches will be provided each of four days.  There will be parties for workers/drivers/crew on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

May Membership Report - Sandi Kryder

Get well wishes to Nina Caruso.

Welcome new member:

Martin Lutsch

A reminder to our members with April Renewals:

Judy Badger   Dave Klein
Jon Beck    Ed Mandel
Jay Barker  Allen Milarcik
Glenn Boros  Kellen Miller
Pat Cavanaugh     Pam Petrusko
Dale Gebhardt   Kim Smith
Willie Harshman Sharon Wright
Jeff Kihm

Happy Birthday to:

Jon Beck       5/17
Glenn Boros         5/2
Matt Carson      5/23
Alession Caruso   5/10
Nina Caruso      5/30
Dan Cesene    5/27
Nick Doinoff    5/28
Dale Gebhart    5/28
Sonja Jewell    5/12
Jim Morgan     5/28
Paul Morrison     5/20
Tom Nutter      5/30
Jerry Palmer      5/21
Mike Petrusko    5/14
Hobie Platt    5/25
Brian Ross    5/5
Ryen Wojcik    5/2

The following members have been dropped from the SCCA active list until their 2008 memberships are renewed:

Mark Buckles  Bob Maza
Steve Dominish  Jerry & Dinah Rhodeback
Cynthia Gabri  Jared Vogt
Alan Johnston  Tim & Cindy Wing


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