Minutes of the October Membership Meeting - by Chris Turkali

Meeting started at 8:00 pm at the Ground Round on Elm Road in Warren.

Minutes approved by Carl Holbrook, second by Sandi Kryder.

Treasurers Report as read motion to accept by Bill Pintaric, second by Carl Holbrook.  Motion Passes.

Membership report accepted as read. Non report from lack of information.


August Double Regional-Low car count, Lost $1800-$2000.


Paul Morrison extends his leadership as the Regional Executive of the MVR.

For the Asst. RE, there was a tie in votes between Bill Pintaric and Chris Turkali.  Bill Pintaric withdrew his nomination and was nominated for a one year trustee.

Sandi Kryder was nominated as Treasurer. Motion to pass by Bill Pintaric, second by Carl Holbrook.

Nominated for Secretary was Bev Nutter.

Jack O'Driscoll and Csaba Bujdoso were nominated for Two Year Trustees.

Trophies for the August Double Regional, Sandi has, and will either mail them or hand them out at the October Double Regional.

MVR is scrambling to find workers for the October Double Regional seems to be a challenge for this event.

Jack O'Driscoll volunteered to work sound.
Paul Morrison received an E-mail from the Manager of Regional Development, Mike Dickerson, that SCCA will not sanction club and pro-rally programs.

Carl Holbrook and other MVR drivers attended the Western Ohio Region(WOR) games. Many were upset that it was not a double event, which may have attributed to a low car count which was estimated at 173.

At the Valvoline Runoffs, there were 9 workers from the Mahoning Valley Region. Some drivers experienced bad luck. The weather for the week was favorable, but was said to be dusty.

Motion to adjourn at 8:26pm Second by the mass.


The good news -- we had 122 cars and the drivers had a good time.  The bad news - the weather was miserable, the event came close to being cancelled Saturday morning due to lack of corner workers.  We started one and half hours late on Saturday.  Only about half hour late on Sunday.  Tech, Pit, Grid & Registration had minimal staffing too.


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