Minutes of the October 4, 2005 Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:01 pm.

Paul Morrison presided over the October meeting after a 2 month lapse. We are glad to see him back.

First item up was the treasurers report. We have money.

We have 200+ members.

No old business.

New Business

Vintage auto racing was discussed for a way to draw more members and add to our events for the season. A lot of organizations participate in vintage racing, but on their own terms. We would like to send flyers in order to poll racers in a five state area to get any interest.

Rally racing was also brought up as a replacement to road racing during the off-season to test our map reading skills and to hone our reaction times.

Spring Recruiting: We have to make an effort to recruit new members in order to attend the Spring Safety and Driving School so that they can gain knowledge by working the corners and experiencing the benefits that the safety school offers.

Our best wishes are going out to Jack O’Driscoll and his family. Jack has been not feeling well lately and our thoughts are with him.

Competition - Congratulations to these three drivers for winning the championships in their divisions Doug Marsh as the Formula 500 Champion at the Valvoline Run-Offs. Christina Libecco for winning the F Modified Ladies Division at the 2005 “The Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships” as seen on Page 95 of the November issue of the SportsCar magazine.

Elections - Paul Morrison was nominated and gladly accepted the position of Regional Executive. Paul has done an outstanding job and we look forward to his leadership this year.

Chris Turkali was challenged by Bill Pintaric Jr. for the Assistant Regional Executive and Chris won by a short-shift.

Bill Kasmer was nominated for a one year trustee and was enthusiastic to participate in the coming years’ itinerary.

For secretary, Pam Petrusko was nominated and is willing to meet the challenges set forth upon her by the attendees at the MVR meetings.

Two year Trustees are Mike Petrusko and Greg Alley. We are looking forward to the eager participation that these two racers will bring to the table.

Nominated for the Treasurers’ seat are two outstanding members, Sandi Kryder and Tom Nutter. The checkered flag went to Sandi Kryder.

Congratulations to all the elected officials.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.


Get well wishes go out to Jack O'Driscoll. Jack was diagnosed with esophagus cancer back in August and is undergoing chemo treatments.

As of the 10/20 Membership listing from National, we have 213 members not including all the dual members

Welcome new members:

Steve Selmants and Sonny Libecco

Happy Birthday to the following members:

Greg Alley 11/9
Kyle Barnhouse 11/25
Mike Baum 11/19
Cynthia Gabri 11/30
Bryan Golay 11/18
Sonny Libecco 11/9
Sanders Marque 11/30
Katie Pintaric 11/7
Dinah Rhodeback 11/26
Kim Smith 11/25

A renewal reminder to the following members whose memberships expire on Nov. 30th

Matias Bonnier
Filippo Caruso
Bill Fox
Charles Genaro
Robert Hallapy
David Lowry


It was a huge success - 152 entries.

The weather was great on Saturday and cloudy/chilly on Sunday. No rain. Racing was great. We served 215 BBQ Chicken dinners.

We even had a Saturday night at the movies. The Nutters brought a projector of some sort and we had a double feature movie in the party room.

I would like to thank my Chiefs of Specialties - Registrar - Dorothy Harrington, Chief Steward - Sarah Bonier, Chairman of the SOM - Peter Roberts, Chief of Start - Cliff McCandless, Chief of Tech - Chris Himes, Chief of T & S - Con Peplowski, Chief of Grid - Phyllis Stambaugh, Chief of Pit - Bill Stewart, Chief of Sound - Carl Fuller, Chief of F&C - Lauri Burkons, Harshman’s, Action Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, all the other workers who worked pit & grid, tech, f&c, t&s, registration, sound, fire & rescue and all the stewards. I hope I have not missed any specialties. The success of this event was due to ALL of you.



"Powermatic" 6x12 Horizontal Surface Grinder $100.00
"Standard" 30 ton floor model Hydraulic Press $100.00
"Generac" 2250 watt/110volt generator $50.00
"Luxaire" oil furnace (154,000 btu/hr input), 250 Gal Oil Tank, controls & filter $200.00
"Eljer" 60" x 60" corner style Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub -new- $150.00
Call Bill Kasmer at 330-547-2576 for above items

***FOR SALE: Formula Vee. 1993 Mysterian M2 Priced to sell fast. Autowerks "national" engine with 1 race since rebuild. LRE short box . Hoosier slicks with 1 race. 1 set rains, 10 other mounted slicks and 3 unmounted rims. Penske front shocks. Carrera rear. Many spares included from 15 years of Vee racing including complete drum to drum LRE Long box , Drum to drum front axle assembly, many many others spares and tools. (list available) FV and spares all for $7,500. Enclosed trailer available. Contact Matt at 440-953-1239 or

*** FOR SALE: 3 Complete Ford (2.0L) Dry Sump systems, $500.00 each. Systems include Steel Dry Sump Pan, Titan Series I Dry Sump Pump, cast iron water pump, pulleys and belts.

Intercomp "On Board" Lap Timer, $150.00. Includes In-car display, receiver, transmitter, S232 serial port cable and carrying case.

Hewland Ft-200 (DG-300) gearsets, second gear ratios $100.00, top gear ratios $50.00. 16 sets available

Call Bill Kasmer 330-547-2576 for above three items

*** ITC – VW RABBIT (1980):

4 white steel EOM wheels 5-1/2J x 13H with Proxes RA1 (205/60-13) good for practice or school ($125); 4 red steel OEM wheels 5-1/2J x 13H ($80); Pr Frt fenders ($25); Pr doors ($50.00); Pr steel bumpers ($40); FG 5 Pt Race seat mounted to lowered VW seat mechanism ($60); Frt air dam ($40); Steering column with 3 spoke sport wheel ($40); Varga Mstr Cyl # 171-611-019-AX, new ($25); 4-spd tranny code GC ($40); 5 panel “Wink” style mirror ($15); Tri-Y header ($40); Tilton brake bias ($45); Upper strut brace ($10); Frt MM with poly donut ($10); Kill switch ($5);TRU-L oil cooler 8” x 14”, 6 pass ($20); SS flex exhaust ($10); OEM int panel with speedo, tach, oil press, H2O temp, volts plus switches ($50); 6 pass oil cooler 8” x 10” ($5); Hella Ralleye 3000 light ($30); 2 complete engines plus numerous engine spares (inquire); Buyer pays shipping: Bill Sovik, 330-965-9025 (Youngstown, OH) or

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