Congratulations for our 2009 officers

RE   Reed Kryder
Asst RE  Mike Petrusko
Secretary  Greg Alley
Treasurer  Sandi Kryder
Trustee 08/09  Scott Nutter
Trustee 08/09  Brad Morris
Trustee 2009  Bill Kasmer
Trustee 09/10  Paul Morrison
Trustee 09/10  Jim Royal
Past RE  Bill Pintaric

REMarks - Reed Kryder

First of all, thanks to all the Mahoning Valley Region officers from this past year for all the time and effort they have put forth to making our Region something special.  Along with myself, some other new people will be taking office for this coming year, joining some of your returning officers.  We plan on continuing the outstanding performances of our predecessors.

This is not my first term as Regional Executive.  It is actually my third, having served in 1978 and 1981.  I was still a club racer during my first term.  My professional racing career started shortly after my second term ended.  I didn’t run for office again during eighties, nineties, and until this year because travel commitments related to my racing activities took up so much time.  But when Bill Pintaric asked if I would consider running for RE this year I felt I could find the time to do what the members felt would be a good job.  There are probably many things related to the RE’s job which have changed over the years.  I am trusting Bill to educate me.

The upcoming year appears to have many question marks connected with it.  Will the economy and gas prices reduce race entry levels by 10-15% as they have in each of the past two years?   Many people are greatly concerned about the future of our local track.  Nelson Ledges Road Course is a better facility than it has been in many years, but the announcement of a new owner and the potential of great improvements last Summer has been followed by everything being put on hold.  And another area of change is the SCCA National office.

Some people look at these and other changes with a sense of pessimism.  I prefer to be optimistic.  Hopefully, the moving of the Run-Offs to Road America’s Elkhart Lake will have a positive impact on racing participation in our part of the world.  The Mahoning Valley Region has met with Track Manager Scott Lane and is planning a full slate of races at Nelson Ledges Road Course in 2009.  I suppose it is possible for the new(?) track owners to suddenly become active again and cause a disruption in plans, but the way I look at it the worst that might happen is we will continue racing at one of the best “driver’s tracks” in the country.

I have mixed feelings about the actions of the SCCA National office.  Having been to the last two National Conventions I was impressed by the dedication of our  National staff to meet the needs of the members.  Everyone is trying to make each SCCA member happy, especially now that there is a competing organization.  But I sometimes worry the national office could do more harm than good by trying to be all things to all people.  You’ll be the first to know if I find a solution to this dilemma.  Let me know your thoughts.
Reed Kryder

PS: Don’t forget the November meeting has been moved from the first to the second Tuesday.  See you on the 11th.


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Golden Harvest - Sandi Kryder

MVR had it's final event of the year on Oct. 18-19.  The weather was good, well except for very cold mornings.

We had 87 drivers total for both days.  Not bad considering a lot of drivers thought the event had been canceled.

Our Saturday format of 1 qualifying session follow by a qualifying race and then a longer race went over very well.

We had a great worker turnout.  Even Station 13 was manned.

I would like to thank all my Chiefs for a job well done:

T & S Les Walter
Tech Jon Beck
Start Cliff McCandless
Sound Brian Vondran
Pit Bill Stewart
Grid Don Johnson
F&C Erik Avendutti
EMS Denny & Penny Freeman

Our stewards kept the days flowing smoothly.  Thanks to Pete Esposito, our Chief Steward and his staff of
Duane Harrington, Gene Kern, Lauri Burkons, John Walsh, Ron Poth, Joe Willer, Jim Pracker, John Nesbitt, Susan Robishaw and Bish Hines.

And finally, thank you to all our volunteer workers.

Membership Report - Sandi Kryder

We have approx. 200 including dual memberships.

Welcome new member - Deborah Swick of Linesvilles, PA.

The following members have November Renewals:

Dean Beilstein
Matias Bonnier
Matt Carson
Charles Genaro
Tom & Beverly Nutter

Happy Birthday to:

Todd Allen  11/9
Cindi Beck  11/30
Dean Beilstein  11/11
Douglas Gabbard 11/26
Katie Libecco  11/3
Sonny Libecco  11/9
Katie Pintaric  11/7
Dinah Rhodeback 11/26
Kim Smith  11/25
Mack Stambaugh 11/6
Brian Vondran  11/4
Eulanah Wilson  11/29
Ronald Yarab  11/27

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