Minutes of the September Membership Meeting

RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting and welcomed the thirteen members .

Sandi Kryder Kryder moved and seconded by Greg alley to approve the August minutes as printed in Track. The

Treasurer's and Membership Reports were approved as presented.

Old Business:

All details for the Golden Harvest Double Regional set for October 20,21, 2007 have been worked out.

Congratulations to Scott Nutter for winning the IT7 Championship at the IT Festival held in August at Mid-Ohio. Carl Holbrook on the other hand wasn't as fortunate. He not only had issues with his race car but his tow vehicle as well. Ask him about it.

New Business:

Sandi Kryder made a motion and it
was seconded by Paul Morrison to approve $25.00 for Carl Holbrook for a team entry at the WOR Games at Mid-Ohio in October.

Nominations were held as follows Regional Executive...Bill Pintaric, Assistant RE... Michael
Petrusko, Treasurer...Sandi Kryder, Trustee one year...Paul Morrison, Trustee two year...Scott Nutter. Remember nominations will still be accepted at the October meeting.

Sandi Kryder moved to adjourn with a second from Carl Holbrook. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted Tom Nutter, Secretary

24 Hour of Nelson Ledges - Sandi Kryder

It was brought to my attention that I forgot another team which had MVR members driving.  The Team Margarita Motorsports 1 entry of MVR drivers, Alan Milarcik, Brent  Walton, Great Lakes driver (and car owner) of Dan Harding and OVR driver Keith Wise finished 3rd in the Spec Miata Class.  Congrats to all.


Membership Report  by Sandi Kryder

As usual, we have approx. 200 members including duals.

Welcome new member:

O-Jay Aill

A reminder to the following members who dues are renewable in October:

Sonny Libecco
Gary Martz
Mike Petrusko
Steve Selmants
Jim Tibor

Happy Birthday to:

Jennifer Badger   10/12
Greg Baum       10/13
Levente Benedekfi   10/16
Csaba Bujdoso    10/18
Chelsie Mast    10/27
Scott Nutter    10/24
Janet Pintaric    10/29
Alex Schauer     10/29
Patrick Schauer    10/27
Sedat Yelkin    10/21


Nomination will be open and officers voted in at the October Membership Meeting.

Nominations in September were:

RE   Bill Pintaric
Asst. RE  Mike Petrusko
Treasurer  Sandi Kryder
Trustee - 1 yr  Paul Morrison
Trustee - 2 yr  Scott Nutter

No nominations were received for Secretary.



October 8 - 14   SCCA National Run-Offs - Heartland Park


October 6 & 7  Watkins Glen - Enduro  10/6 -  Reg'l 10/7
October 20 & 21 Nelson Ledges - MVR Double
October 27 & 28 Nelson Ledges


October 5 & 6  Watkins Glen
October 27 & 28  Summit Point


October 6 & 7  Mid Ohio


Nov 2 - 4  NeDiv Mini Convention - Hartford, CT
Nov 16     Kryderacing Awards Banquet


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members.  Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run).  Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

*FOR SALE:  Z06 Corvette, 60K miles.  $25,000.
Contact Bret Moyer - 724-535-612

** FOR SALE:  Wanabee IT's
1983 VW GTi w/alloys
1986 VW Scirocco w/alloys
Good motors in both.   $600.00 for both cars.
Call 330-666-0012 evenings

** FOR RENT:  ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools. Kryderacing - 330-854-4889.

** FOR SALE:  Motec M48 Engine Management System.  Call 330-854-4889 for details.

** FOR SALE: GTech Pro RR, Never Used.  Still in box. $240.00.  Call Reed Kryder 330-854-4889.

** RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, etc.   Check out their Website

** For Sale: Pi System 2 integrated digital dashboard and data logger with Windows based software. Includes sensors for logging Speed, Lap Times (beacon not included), Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Voltage, RPM, and Cornering g-force. $750.00 Bill Kasmer

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