REMARKS - Bill Pintaric

As the racing season winds down, itís time to thank all of the people who have made it all possible-the drivers, the volunteers, and the fans. Without any of you, it would not be much fun.

As the National racing season comes to a close, several Mahoning Valley drivers are either leading or close to leading their respective classes in the Northeast Division. A full season wrap-up will follow next month, but for a somewhat small region, we sure have some great drivers. And that also includes our Regional drivers, just a little bias showing through with this National driver. Mahoning Valley has always had a strong road racing program and this year is no exception.

Elections to the regionís board are coming up soon. Nominations can be offered at both the September and October meetings, with elections to be held at the October general membership meeting. Please come and support your favorites in their quest for world domination thru the region.  Seriously, come on out and see whatís going on.  If you havenít ever been to a meeting, or itís been a while since youíve come, itís ok. Come on out. We really donít bite and the conversations get pretty interesting at times. You are always welcome to come and sit in, and hopefully get more involved with your region.

On that note, as in any organization, most of the work is done by a few people. For a club, or any organization, that canít continue for long before the people doing the work lose interest. We are grateful for the work that you do for this region and SCCA in general. We couldnít do it without you. But we also know that we could always use some new participation. I am asking everyone that usually comes to a membership meeting to try to bring someone that has never been to a meeting, or hasnít been to one for a while.   Letís see if we can get back to the 30-40 people that came to our meetings. Yeah, I know-thereís so much more to do now, and the kids have school, or soccer, music lessons, or something. Heck we are usually done by nine oíclock, so itís not like we are out all night or something. Maybe thatís something we should think aboutÖ..are we too boring?

See you at the trackÖ. Or at the meeting. Itís up to you

Minutes of the August Membership Meeting

RE Bill Pintaric opened the meeting at 8:00 PM and welcomed the sixteen members and one visitor.

Sandi Kryder made a motion with a second by Paul
Morrison to approve the July minutes as printed in Track.

The Treasurer's and Membership Reports were approved as presented.

Old Business:

The Holiday Double/ MARRS ended up in the black. and again many thanks to everyone who helped out.

New Business:

The MARRS event was so successful that Sandi has been contacted by MARRS officials and said they would like to come back next year.Plans are in the works for July 2008. More details later.

Our next event will be in October 20-21. Chris Turkali told us Friday before the race he heard Nelson advertised on WKBN 570 around 10 or 11 in
the morning.. He also told us of being the starter for the Pittsburgh Grand Prix.

Cliff McCandless was there also, not as as spectator but as a driver.

He was featured in the August 06, 2007 issue of AUTOWEEK with his 1959 Devin D Roadster. way to go Cliff... Next month we will have nominations

Sandi Kryder moved to adjourn. Carl Holbrook seconded it, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted Tom Nutter , Secretary


Nominations will be accepted at the September and October membership meetings.  Elections will be
held at the October membership meeting.


MVR National Driver Watch

MVR has a fairly good representation in National Racing.  And we have the possibility of having Champions 4 different classes.

Final Northeast Division Standings

F 500  Christina Libecco 5th

GT 1  Amy Ruman  1st
          Bob Ruman  10th (tied)
          Csaba Bujdoso  16th (tied)

GTL  Bill Pintaric  1st

EP  Gary Martz  1st  **

FP  David Strittmatter 2nd

T 1  David Pintaric  2nd

AS  Scott Lane  8th

SRF  Jim Tibor  15th (tied)
          Greg Grucella  15th (tied)
          Sedat Yelkin  21st (tied)

Christina, Bill and David Pintaric, David Strittmatter, Scott, and Gary will all be going for the National title in Topeka.   Good Luck to all.

Gary is a dual member.  He is the Great Lakes Divisional Champion in EP.

Membership Report  by Sandi Kryder

As usual, we have approx. 200 members including duals.

Welcome new members:

Dale H Gebhardt
Jamie McKinney
Jesse Mettler

A reminder to the following members who dues are renewable in September:

Hugh Kells
Bill Pintaric Family
Erric Weyls

Happy Birthday to:

Mark Buckles    9/14
John Gingery    9/22
Willie Harshman   9/1
Reed Kryder    9/9
Sandi Kryder    9/27
Ken Mast    9/25
Anthony Miller    9/30
Sara Morrison    9/24
Pam Petrusko    9/12
Ken Piper    9/25
Dan Rice    9/29
Bill Schauer    9/29

The following have not renewed and have been temporaily dropped from the National list

Beverly DiBell
Billy Edwards
Joseph Martinko
Beth Morrison

2007 Longest Day of Nelson Ledges - by Sandi Kryder

I wasn't involved with any team or crewing for any team so I really do not have to much knowledge as to what when on with this event.  I was busy pumping race fuel during this event.  But, here goes anyway.

The 24 Hours of Nelson Ledges returned.  I believe 1996 was the last time the 24 Hrs. was run.

MVR had many members involved with the event, both in working and driving and crewing.   Maybe they could submit an article with their take on the event - HINT HINT HINT !!!!

It was a good event.  The weather was good for the most part - horribly hot on Friday.  A couple of brief rain showers during the race on Saturday.

The track provided a steak dinner, prepared by Joe & Lila to the workers & teams on Friday evening during the dinner break.

Reed Kryder, David Pintaric and Mike Olivier teamed up and drove with Rob Piekarczyk in a Mazda MX5.  The crew was from Ohio Technical College.  All had a blast.

I know that Jeremy Cesene entered his car, but not sure of all the drivers.  If I had to guess, the other drivers were Dan Cesene, Scott Nutter, Tom Nutter & Mike
Petrusko.  It was a family affair.
2007 Longest Day of Nelson Ledges - by Sandi Kryder (cont.)

Matt Miller entered an Mazda RX7 that he bought on e-bay.  His co-drivers were Gary Martz and Bill Schauer.

To the best of my knowledge, all three of these cars finished the Longest Day of Nelson Ledges.

A Motorsports Webcast and Radio show with a SCCA Influence!

The SCCA version of Wind Tunnel? Well, not really, but beginning next Wednesday night, August 8, an exciting new broadcast venue for SCCA motorsports will hit the airwaves.

The Shifting Gears program was born of an interview with Kansas City Region members Bill Johnson III, David Bennet, and Jim Wheeler. A local radio/webcast program produced in Independence, Missouri invited the region members to talk about SCCA motorsports. The program, video taped and broadcast live on 810 AM - probably Kansas Cityís top sports talk station Ė received over 2000 hits and the taping was posted on for viewing during the next week.

As they say, one thing led to another, and the result is now a weekly broadcast that will be hosted on a rotating basis by Ron Keith and Jim Wheeler from the region, and Mike Dickerson from the SCCA national office. The show will focus on and discuss road racing and SCCA events. The plan is to tell the public about how SCCA has influenced, and continues to influence, American motorsports.

Now, before you say ďSo what, itís localĒ - it isnít. The beauty of the webcast is that it truly reaches a world audience, and this is where you and your region come in! Please let us know about your local events, of any kind. Calling 888.883.6363 or locally 816.833.8553 during the broadcast, or e-mailing to the forum will get your events on the air. Subsequently getting the information about news of the show out to your members and potential members will bring the spotlight on the SCCA like it has never been before.

The showís hosts will also take any questions SCCA related and discuss anything you wish during the course of the one hour broadcast. Further, it will feature a guest each week ranging from SCCA competitors and officials to members at any level.
So Wind Tunnel it isnít, and it may take a couple of shows for the flow to smooth out, but you shouldnít miss this opportunity to support the program. The showís creators anticipate that with listener support and participation this initial foray into a real time SCCA broadcast will lead to a solid and informative weekly program serving to get the SCCA message out!

On Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM Central time, set your computerís browser to and listen in. Better yet, participate! If you canít be available for the live show, you can view the broadcast any time on the website.

We are looking forward this new opportunity where you can have a real and direct influence in making it a success!



October 8 - 14   SCCA National Run-Offs - Heartland Park


September 1 - 3 Summit Point
September 8 & 9  New Hampshire
September 15 & 16 Watkins Glen
September 22 & 23  Watkins Glen
Sept 29 & 30 Lime Rock NARRC Run Offs
October 6 & 7  Watkins Glen - Enduro  10/6 -  Reg'l 10/7
October 20 & 21 Nelson Ledges - MVR Double
October 27 & 28 Nelson Ledges


October 5 & 6  Watkins Glen
October 27 & 28  Summit Point


September 1 & 2 Grattan
September 8 & 9 Mid Ohio
September 29 & 30  ORP
October 6 & 7  Mid Ohio


Nov 2 - 4  NeDiv Mini Convention - Hartford, CT
Nov 16     Kryderacing Awards Banquet

MVR Pro Racing Watch

Bob Mazza has built a Toyota Celica GTS for the Speed World Challenge Touring Car Series.  His car made its debut at the Mid Ohio race on July 22nd.

Justin Pritchard is the driver.  Like a lot of new races, it had teething problems.  The car suffered a mechanical problem early in the race.

Itís good to see one of our memberís in pro racing again.
Weíll keep you posted on their results.


Free to Mahoning Valley, Neohio, Misery Bay, Steel Cities and Western New York Regions members.  Ads will run 3 consecutive times (asterisks at the beginning of the ad indicates how many times the ad has run).  Ads must be resubmitted after their 3rd run.

* FOR SALE:  Wanabee IT's
1983 VW GTi w/alloys
1986 VW Scirocco w/alloys
Good motors in both.   $600.00 for both cars.
Call 330-666-0012 evenings

* FOR RENT:  ITS Nissan 240SX or ITA NX2000 for Regionals or Driver Schools. Kryderacing - 330-854-4889.

* FOR SALE:  Motec M48 Engine Management System.  Call 330-854-4889 for details.

* FOR SALE: GTech Pro RR, Never Used.  Still in box. $240.00.  Call Reed Kryder 330-854-4889.

* RACE CAR PREP:  Kryderacing offers race car preparation, chassis set up, trackside services, etc.   Check out their Website

* For Sale: Pi System 2 integrated digital dashboard and data logger with Windows based software. Includes sensors for logging Speed, Lap Times (beacon not included), Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Voltage, RPM, and Cornering g-force. $750.00 Bill Kasmer

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