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Teamwork Tops the Ticket by by Nancy Schillace

The participants of the event at Nelson Ledges for the Mahoning Valley region and MARRS #5 event had challenges of all kinds on the weekend of July 12th and 13th, 2008.  Competing against events at BeaveRun, Mid-Ohio and Watkins Glen left the volunteer rolls on the low side, but the key words were teamwork and that is what the race community is all about.

Being one of those ‘dog days of summer’ that northern Ohio is known for – hot, muggy, and the threat of thunderstorms on the way, the Group 1 drivers gave a helping hand to set up a canopy for shade at the Grid.  From the DC region, Shirley Thompson brought her smiles and experience, which helped immensely.

The Rescue group was rather busy as one of their own, Gail Green, wasn’t feeling well and was transported to a local hospital for observation, and they ‘loaned’ another volunteer, Jim, to the Grid for the day.  Pit Chief, Bill Stewart, not only kept the Pit area running smoothly, but helped split the groups for the races in the afternoon.

With nine groups, it was a long day on Saturday.  We were treated to a scrumptious steak dinner on Saturday night.  As dinner was ending, the storm clouds rolled in and the downpour came, creating ‘Lake Nelson’ by the Tech shed.  But there is a happy ending, with a double rainbow coming out that seemed to end at the outhouse by the access road across from the Start Tower.

Sunday started out soggy with the liquid sunshine eventually wafting away so the real sunshine could join us.  Bruce Wolfe and The Buzz Thru Café kept us caffeinated.  With the decision to shorten the races from 18 to 13 laps to help keep it from being a long day turned out to be a good one.  Motorsports Ministry Chaplain Marv Gray and Nelson Ledges announcer, Kevin ‘The Pirate’ Stolicny kept the pace going with their minute-by-minute race reports.  The grid had Tara ‘Toe’ Oram efficiently working the phones with race control, and national driver and driver school instructor, Bill Pintaric, also lent a hand to grid cars.  Race Chief Gene Kern seemed to put on some miles by making sure things were running smoothly.

Later on Sunday, a big ‘kaBOOM’ got the attention of everyone as a flat tire caused a close encounter of the ‘Oooooh, that’s gonna hurt’ kind for FC driver Scott Lawrence at the bridge.  Safety teams quickly dispatched and Scott was transported for precautionary reasons.  [Sidebar: Scott was later released and was hungry and eager to go to dinner reported his crew member, Tom Bauer]  The race family again pitched in and assisted Tom in packing up the car and gear prior Scott’s return from the ER.  Luckily, the team had planned to stay in Ohio until Monday so a night of rest helped ease their stress levels.

Thanks also goes to Meathead Racing as their crew members brought flagging and Race Control skills to assist with checking, gridding, and splitting cars.  Overall, the weekend’s racing had some thrills, some terrain racing, some happy endings, some lively chatter and once again proved that when it comes to the love for this sport, the people show over and over that it’s not just the driver, not just the workers, but together it gets done.  Thanks, Mahoning Valley region and MARRS group for a good event.

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MVR National Driver Watch

Northeast Division Championship as of 8/25/08

FA Sedat Yelkin  3rd
F 500  Christina Libecco 11th
GT 1 Amy Ruman  1st
          Csaba Bujdoso  8th
          Bob Ruman  9th (tied)
GTL Bill Pintaric  3rd
FP David Strittmater 6th
T 1 David Pintaric  4th
AS Scott Lane  7th
DP Bob Mazza  2nd
SRF Greg Grucella  30th (tied)
        Jim Tibor  43rd (tied)
         Nick Doinoff  43rd (tied)
         Bob Ruman  43rd (tied)

Gary Martz is leading EP in Great Lakes Division


Well, the LD is over.  MVR members came out to work as well race.  It takes a multitude of people to put this event on.  And it certainly looked like there was no shortage of workers.  MVR members that I saw were: Greg Alley worked pits, Jon Beck was in tech, Cindy Beck in T & S, Cliff McCandless in Start.   I believe I saw Laurie Burkons there too, probably as one of many stewards.   I'm sorry if I failed to mention your name if worked, I did not get out and about much.

MVR Drivers were:

Driving with Team PCR were David Pintaric and Reed Kryder in an ITE Mazda MX5.  Team PCR finished 2nd in ITE and 3rd overall.

Margarita Motorsports finished 2nd in SM.  MVR drivers were Allan Milarcik, Brent Walton and Matt Miller.

The Hillbilly Racing BMW 318 team included Dan Cesene, Jeremy Cesene and Jamie McKinney.  They finished 3rd in ITB.


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Since the sale of Nelson Ledges is apparently on 'hold', our Oct. 18-19 event will go on as planned.  Entries should be available soon.  As always, workers & drivers are needed.


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